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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Predator Buzz

So the other day while I was wasting more of my life, surfing movie news sites, nerd forums and gangbang videos co-staring AIDs, I tripped over the rather shocking realization that the the next Predator movie, Predators, comes out this July. And here I was thinking it was set for a 2011 release. Currently, I'm not sure if the movie has wrapped production and is on the editing room floor. Although it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't half-way done shooting given how Fox enjoys the most unrealistic production schedules. On the other hand Robert Rodriguez's "studio" seems to have full reign of the film. Who knows where it sits currently.

The director, with the unfortunate name of Nimrod Antal, seems to be getting some positive buzz from this production. I hope his previous works (Vacancy, Armored) aren't a reflection on what this movie is.

Staring Adrian Brody and Laurence Fishburne, I can only hope Rodriguez's hand in the script will make this the Predator film it should be. As much as I enjoyed AVP-R in a sick, "so bad, it's good" kind of way, I have no desire to revisit that type of mindlessness. I long for a Predator feature with the suspense and ambiguity John McTiernan fed us in the original. (And some messy kills fitting of an alien hunter.)

So where did my shameless surfing lead me? To some rather cool on-set pictures:

You really can't tell how good the movie is going to be from these pictures alone, but I'm enjoying the look of both the human and "yuatjaian" characters. Some fans have pointed out that if you look behind Adrian Brody, in the second photo, it features Stan Winston's original design of the creature. I think its both too far away and too blurry to make that claim, but time will tell. I really like these designs though. Come on Nimrod! No more AVP foul-ups are tolerated. Hell, these days Predator 2 seems like a worthwhile bar to hit!

Predators, in theaters July 9th. This year. (WAAH?)

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