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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Joker Sneaks Himself Online

It's as blurry as hell, but for a movie that's over a year away, this is a big picture to let out. Apparently someone over in Chicago got close enough to see Heath Ledger decked out in full psycho-villian mode. I give you, the Joker. Click to enlarge it:

Theaters, July, 18 2008.

The Silver Surfer's Voice Has Been Cast

Looks like the new Fantastic 4 movie will be pulling a Darth Vader. Laurence Fishburne will be voicing the Silver Surfer in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer".
While my enthusiasm for the movie isn't too high anymore, I suppose the voice fits. I find it funny the best actor in this movie wont actually appear in it though.

Bruce Willis Reels Back to Comedy

He may be a creep in "Perfect Stranger", a nut job in "Grindhouse" and one of film's most popular action heroes in "Live Free and Die Hard". But Bruce Willis will be returning to his comical roots in "Assasination of a High School President". Willis will play a high school principal who is also Desert Storm veteran who enjoys talking his adventures freeing Kuwait.
The film is described as a "comedic homage" to the film legend, "Chinatown", and is about a sophmore investigating the theft of SAT exams for the high school newspaper.
Finally....something a little a original...

Harry Potter Goes 3-D

In a weird move by IMAX and those in charge of the film, the last 20 minutes of the 5th Harry Potter movie will be shown in 3-D at IMAX theaters. Apparently they want to give the finale of this film one, grand blast at the IMAX by converting it to 3-D.It's kind of weird to me, why not just show the entire movie in 3-D in this case? But I have yet to see the movie or read the book, so perhaps the effect would be best served for just the final 20 minutes? I guess I'll find out.

Lost's Doctor Goes To Race Speed

Lost's Matthew Fox, who plays Jack Shepherd on the show, is going to play "Racer X" in the new live action Speed Racer film. The film stars Emile Hirsch as Speed. Other cast members include Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman. The film is due next year and directed by The Matrix Trilogy directors, and "V for Vendetta" writers, the Wachowski Brothers.
Very intersting casting. Lots of big names, with Hirsch not really being one of them. I'm a bit more excited about the movie due to the casting alone. It looks like Fox is really hoping to expand his career from Lost. And John Goodman? Haven't seen him in awhile.

Lack of Updating - Quick Updates

Yeah, I have not done it in awhile. Part of it has to do with the fact that not much has really interested me. The other part is I've had a great deal of work to take care of over the last few days and my computer was down on Monday, so I had to catch up with it.
Anywho. Lets go over some major things that have happened.

Edward Norton of "Fight Club" fame will play Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Hulk movie said to not have anything to do with the Ang Lee film. Very unexpected I must say, but he certianly fits the part-- If not better than Eric Bana did.

Lots of reports have come in from Chicago stating how filmming for The Dark Knight is taking place at an office or a bank or something like that. No doubt a chace seen is or will be filmed there as well due to the batmobile sightings.

Click to enlarge, it's just the previous posters with Shia and Megan undersized inbetween the two rivals.

Oscar nominated actors Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro have been cast in a retelling of the Wolfman mythos directed by Mark Romanek. For a very uninteresting sounding movie (as if we haven't been here before) it sure has a nice cast!

As it turns out Shia LeBouef will bein the fourth Indiana Jones movies as Indy's son. Though previously it was announced as false information and Shia denied having been contacted about the project, it looks like Lucasfilm worked quickly to remedy that. Shia will in fact be in Indy's fourth adventure.

Ironman's "Mark 1" suit has been revealed recently. Though I know this isn't the final suit in the film, it's kind of...cheesy looking. We'll see how it looks in action though. Click to enlarge.

It's confirmed that Brendan Fraiser will return for the third Mummy film, but Rachel Weisz will not be with him sadly. This comes as very disappointing news and is already a huge let down for fans of these rather fun, cheesy films.