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Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Chronicling" The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Ode to the Fans

This is a very special post—Aside of my reviews I don’t often take a lot of time to paraphrase my thoughts. (Ala, the two posts beneath this one.) Furthermore, I rarely post anything about television series. And, once again, it has to do with a cancelled show.

I’m fully aware my vain attempt to save “The Dead Zone,” was, at best, half-assed because of a rather unorganized and undedicated fan base. Furthermore, it was clear “The Dead Zone” had run its course and should’ve stopped after its third season.

This series, however, is a very different matter. “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (TSCC) was cancelled far too early. Although some may consider the jaw-dropping, beautiful ending as the prelude for the 1984 film, “The Terminator,” others refuse to accept that as the finale. Because of this attitude, the show has now become a literal symbol of its powerful message of hope.

Fans, far and wide, beyond oceans and through computers, have band together to strive for a continuation of one television’s greatest and most ambitious series. Putting the series’ “no fate” message to the test, the TSCC fan base has grown in to a massive force that has guaranteed being noticed. So, what has taken place? How are they so strong?

To summarize: $3,500 was raised to cart a mobile billboard around Warner Brothers-ville and see if they get a clue. The TSCC-mobile will ride to its mission on September 22nd the day Season 2 comes to DVD/Blu Ray. Another $2,530 was raised to deliver an ad before movies in select theaters. Now I keep saying “raised.” Who raised it? Remarkably, the fans. Fans have been raising money, ordering custom stickers, USB drives that look like a terminator CPU, writing letters…etc… to make it all happen. It really makes me wonder, if the TSCC fan base is this strong, how did the show get cancelled? How accurate were those ratings? Have you been paying attention Fox?

So where is this going? Recently, rumors have surfaced about a possible direct-to-DVD movie. Thomas Dekker, who played John Connor better than any actor before or after him (as much as I love Bale), recently commented on the possibility of a direct-to-DVD flick. This is what I was banking on/hoping for from the beginning. I understand some fans are still hooked on grabbing a season 3 instead of a direct-to-DVD movie, but even if it is the only thing we get would that not still be a success? Can’t we get closure? Now, I am, by no means, saying fans should simply settle for something they don’t want. I respect the TSCC fanbase too much for that and am ever so proud to be a part of such a vastly armored community. But, thinking realistically, I hope more and more fans pursue the idea of a DVD film and fuel more fire behind the rumors to get some Warner Brothers execs’ heads turned. Who knows where it could lead?

Now, for the non-believers: Can it work? I'll make this answer simple. If Star Trek, Firefly, Family Guy, Futurama, Jericho, Arrested Development (movie pending) and Sliders (for the most part) have taught me anything, it's that fan outcry can be quite powerful. Now factor in the absurdly loud demand for TSCC. Case closed.

That said I hope some of the other, few readers I have here will take this series and its possible resurrection to heart. I merely mean this to be a love letter to the “big push” for more TSCC, which starts tomorrow, Sept. 3rd. (See for more details.)

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” was, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful series I’ve seen come to life. Initially turning my nose up at the show was very premature of me and I was very happy to eat my words and be rewarded with, arguably, the strongest piece in the Terminator franchise. To any and all, thank you for reading. To the fine staff at, the best of luck and I offer my services if any are needed. (Please get in touch.) To the fans of TSCC, keep it up. Keep up the fight, the hope and fun. Truly this series has brought a lot of people together and, working externally, it may have achieved more meaning.

Season 2 of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is released September 22nd. Make sure you grab a copy.

And remember. “There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” This is GMAN. Over and out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TRAILER - Inception

A science fiction epic which "takes place in the architecture of the mind." Says director Christopher Nolan. Watching the trailer I'm wondering how literal we should take this comment.

I know I'm a little late with this trailer, but I love it so much I had to post it. Why? Lets just say I enjoy whatever teasing Christopher Nolan gives me. (If anyone wants to take that as a sexual connotation you're entitled.)

Even with this trailer it's hard to say what "Inception" is really about. But with the director of "The Dark Knight" composing a cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Ellen Paige, Michael Cane, Tom Hardy and Tom Berenger, the only thing you should care about is how soon you can get your ticket.

Did I mention Hans Zimmer's doing the music? And scene:

Next summer.

TRAILER - Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

'Bout time. While the trailer isn't exactly mind blowing it doesn't worry me enough for the film as a whole. The first movie was a love-it-or-hate-it flick with a large fan following that would rather stick their middle fingers up to naysayers than indulge them; it seems fair that the second should feel the same.

I also want to exhaust how great it is to see Sean Patrick Flanery after USA debunked "The Dead Zone." (He played Greg Stillson in the series.) The original cast looks great and the trailer ensures this will be a lot of fun.

So how soon will "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" arrive? Shockingly, October 30th! No, of this year, not 2010. I was expecting a release date of early next year at the soonest. Not bad.

The trailer is a red band trailer, so be cautious, this isn't so work/soccer mom friendly.

Oct. 30th.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Owns Marvel: Maybe Not a Bad Thing?

When I heard today that Disney had bought Marvel Comics for a whopping $4 Billion I wasn't exactly thrilled. Once again, I was provided with evidence that Disney will end up owning everything. At the same time I was a little dismayed by all the negativity. I logged on to twitter, facebook and followed comments made on various entertainment news sites-- The reaction was bombastic. Is it really that bad?

Actually, probably as a result of being fed up with the negative reactions, I'm beginning to think this could be a good thing.

First of all, we won't be seeing the effects of Disney's Marvel for awhile. Paramount still has the rights to distribute "Iron Man 2," and the "Thor," and "Captain America" movies. "The Avengers" is still under Paramount's wing as well, but that, and the other two films, are a long way off. Disney has said they will keep their distance from the current productions, trusting the current crew. But once these movies have been distributed, Disney will be the sole owner of everything future Marvel.

Not a terrible thing considering Marvel has unofficially been under financial stress. (I detail my theory on that here.) Is it really that bad if Disney steps in to help pay the hard working cast and crew? Besides, the more dollar signs, the more likely we'll continue to see A-list filmmakers join the Marvel community.

And then, the big one: Will Pixar make a Marvel oriented movie? Disney CEO Bob Iger has remarked on the idea:

"Pixar boss John Lasseter talked to the Marvel guys about this and they all got excited about it. We think there’s ultimately some exciting product that [could] come of that."

A Pixar Marvel movie? Those are some exciting prospects! I know the world is afraid of what Disney may do to the Marvel world, but ultimately, I doubt they'll do much to get in the way creatively. I'm sure it'll be the same old Marvel, just with a Disney logo attached to it.

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Vague Plot Synopsis

Although some might think this post needed to be added to my "Bad Ideas" post, I, for the most part, enjoyed the "Pirates" movies. The second film is hard to sit through, admittedly, and although the third had flaws I enjoyed it a lot more. They're fun, well acted fantasy films. I could say my expectations were higher, but I'd be lying.

Anyway, even though I don't think we're in any need of a third sequel, we are getting just that! The plot of "Pirates 4" will center around Jack Sparrow and crew finding the fountain of youth. In a addition, they will be up against a Captain Nemo-esque villain armed with the latest technology for the time. (i.e. There's no plausible way anyone could make whatever we'll see in that time period. So begin swallowing that bit of information now.)

While the rumored "steam-punk" addition to this movie will no doubt be interesting, I'm wondering how it will look in contrast to the rather over-the-top fantasy elements these movies have thrived on. Plus I keep seeing flashes of the giant, steam powered mecha-spider from "The Wild, Wild West." That's right. I just dug up a movie that horrible from my memory banks. Are we still okay with this Captain Nemo-like character's technology?

Still no word if Bloom or Knightley will return. It looks unlikely though. "Pirates 4" is most likely to begin shooting next year.

Three Bad Ideas, Three Bad Sequels

While the title to this post may seem rather condemning I have reason to believe I'm not jumping the gun. Hollywood's shrewd hard-on for milking franchises has reached new heights in the last few years, so it's no surprise these announcements feel like the coming of a new paycheck. Lets plow through this from bad to worse:

Bad Idea #3 - Bad Boys 3

This is probably the least of my concern. I never cared for the first two and don't think there's really anything to ruin. Columbia Pictures has hired Peter Craig to write a screenplay in the hope Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and director Michael Bay will return to the franchise.

The hurdle? Money. Will Smith and Michael Bay are two very, very expensive players in the superstar world right now. Furthermore, Michael Bay is lost in Transformer-land and wants to do another movie before Transformers 3. My guess is Bay won't be returning, but my hope is that this will fall through altogether.

Bad Idea #2 - Halloween 3D

After Rob Zombie molested what's barely remaining of the Halloween franchise with his psuedo-psychological take on the killer, Dimension decided they would like to squeeze another "golden egg" out of the shriveled up prune of a goose. I've stated my displeasure behind the current 3D fad before and this movie sounds like another way to cannibalize both the franchise and film-going as a whole. Raise your hand if you really, really want to pay $10+ to see Mike Myers slash up people in 3D. Is it really worth it?

The good news is Rob Zombie will not be returning. The bad news is... Well, damn, I just announced the bad news.

Bad Idea #1 - Rambo 5

Once upon a time, I thought the Rambo franchise was pretty good. Sure the third movie was terrible, but the first two were fun and exciting. They were adventurous and I believed Rambo really was the haunted and battle worn character he was portrayed to be. But with Stallone's fourth film I've lost hope in a full return to form. Rambo wasn't so much a character as he was an excuse for violent exploitation. The fact another movie is greenlit based on the fourth film is terrifying to me. Was it not Stallone who stated the latest, and arguably worst, of the Rambo films would be the Final Blood?

Regardless, a fifth Rambo is happening. In the next flick, our favorite steroid toting actor will take on drug traffickers on the United States/Mexican border. Production starts next Spring. Can good ole' Sly return the Rambo we all loved? I doubt it. I really want to think it's possible, but I doubt it.

Dollar signs have never been as clear as they are today.

What Did You Think of "District 9?"

With a whopping four votes I'm confident both my blog and its polls will reach Entertainment Weekly popularity in no time. That said, at least three people in the world felt "District 9" was 'good' and one person thought it was 'average.' What ever should we do with that one person who is alone in this large majority?

The Oscar nominees are:

Masterpiece - 0 Votes (0%)

Good - 3 Votes (75%)

Average - 1 Vote (25%)

Meh - 0 Votes (0%)

Horrible - 0 Votes (0%)