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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spider-Man 4 and 5 Filmed Together

Though this is yet to be confirmed, it's been a heated topic on the newsreel. "Spider-Man 4" writer James Vanderbilt has apparently written a story that can encompass two movies and makes it possible to film them both at the same time.

Why didn't they do this for "Spider-Man 3" and "4" instead of "4" and "5," is beyond me. I've always thought leaving audiences on a cliffhanger with Venom's birth would have been cool, but perhaps Sony and producer Avi Arad know better now.

No details about the story are available at this time and there's no word on whether or not Maguire and Dunst will return. I do know I have a lot of faith in Vanderbilt after "Zodiac," and I'm all for continuing the Spider-Man franchise. I doubt Raimi will return to direct, but as long as they find someone to maintain the colorful vision of "Spider-Man" I think it will be fine. More news as it comes.

No Cloverfield 2 Coming Soon.

This doesn't mean it won't ever be made, but J.J. Abrams has decided he wants to branch off on to other story ideas with the "Cloverfield" crew.

"We're talking about it [a sequel]," Abrams said, "But the truth is there's another idea that I'd rather do with the same people than do a sequel. It's a whole new thing."

No word on what this upcoming project is, but it looks like "Cloverfield 2" will be shelved for awhile before we get another one. In some sense I'm okay with this decision. "Cloverfield" is a monster movie masterpiece that stands on its own. While I could see it spawning a franchise, and wouldn't mind a sequel (like the original "Godzilla"), it's also innovative enough to be a standalone piece that is looked at for many years. Let it be for now. Perhaps one day the Cloverfans will get a sequel.

New Mummy 3 Poster

The promotion for this movie isn't too shabby. It's probably a lot better than the movie itself! I'm digging the new poster though generic as it may be. Imagine if it had been painted? It'd probably be inappropriate, but it'd look cool. Not bad, otherwise. Not bad at all...
Click to enlarge:

New Joker Poster for "The Dark Knight"

Yet more promotion for "The Dark Knight." Here we have The Joker standing, shoulders scrunched, with a machine gun in his hand. It looks as if he's looking at Batman in this poster, and the debris from the building is showering around him. Very, very cool. Click to enlarge:

TRAILER - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Well, it looks just as ridiculous as the last one. I'm fully confident this is going to be an overboard cheese-fest like the last movie, and it certainly looks worse; bad or not, I'm pretty excited for it. I like Fraser's character a lot and its just nice to see him fighting another mummy. I'll miss Wieiz a lot, but I simply hope the movie is as fun(ny) as the ridiculous trailer. Cheap summer entertainment at it's best right here:

A Better Goku

Earlier I released a pretty bad scan of Justin Chatwin as Goku. A better version of the picture has been released, I have to admit I'm a bit mroe impressed with it. I think Chatwin can pull it off, and I like the attempt to make his hair similar to Goku's. But I can't decide yet if it's some funky, cool, futuristic style or a bad case of bed-head yet. reports that the glowing ball floating above his hands is actually a dragonball. Not bad. Click to enlarge:

TRAILER - The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Sorry for the long hiatus. Summer is busy time for me. I'll try to update more, but here's some things that have been released throughout the week if you've missed them:

The new trailer for the X-Files sequel has been unveiled and I'm still unsure of what to think. What is going to separate this movie from a regular episode of the show? I don't want a another "Star Trek: Insurrection" here. These episodes-turned-movies tend to be mediocre at the very, very best. In any case I still like the trailer, but not quite sold on the movie yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Most Pointless Sequel Ever: Donnie Darko 2.

I thought "28 Weeks Later," a planned "Gladiator" sequel and "Rambo" were pointless. This, however, wins the award.
A sequel to the 2001, smash cult-film hit, "Donnie Darko" is now in production. Is Richard Kelly, director of the first film, involved with it? Absolutely not. In fact, he has no say, no idea and no voice in it whatsoever. It sounds like this thing was greenlit without him even knowing about it.

The new film is entitled "S. Darko." It takes place seven years after Donnie's death and his little sister, Samantha, goes on a road trip to L.A. with a friend while being haunted by strange visions. Must run in the family.

TV director Chris Fisher is at the helm of this project. He has stated, "I am a great admirer of Richard Kelly's film and hope to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality."

Well... Okay. There's a deep, dark, secret part of me that's kind of excited and wants this movie to be good. I think every Donnie Darko fan wants it to be good. But common sense says otherwise. No Richard Kelly? Now listen to me, I'm complaining that there's no Richard Kelly attached to this project. The simple fact that a sequel is being made to "Donnie Darko" is jarring enough. Oh, I'm sure I'll end up seeing it, but "S. Darko"? Really? Really? Let this be a lesson. "Originality," by moviemaking definition, comes in multiples.

No word on a release date yet, but filming starts next week. I'd guess an early 2009 release is likely.

Pictures, Pictures and More Dark Knight Pictures

A huge deal of "Dark Knight" pictures have been revealed. Many of them are simply higher quality versions of pictures we've seen or they might as well be screen captures from the recent trailer. Although there are a few gems. We finally get to see some proof that Morgan Freeman is still in it as Lucius Fox and more shots of the Batcycle. And someone hand over the oscar to the people that made the Joker look so creepy. Those yellow teeth do it for me! Click to enlarge. (And they are large.)

Goku Powers Up

A bad scan, or snapshot, of a magazine has entered the web sporting Justin Chatwin as Goku forming an energy ball. No doubt a better quality version of the photo will be online soon. Despite all the bad buzz surrounding this movie, I'm still pretty pumped for it, bad or not. I like Chatwin's hair. Click to enlarge:

April 2009.

X-Files 2 International Poster

Pretty generic looking poster for The X-Files sequel. It gives people a better vibe for what this movie may be like, but at the seem time it also could be any horror movie. Personally I like the teaser poster more. Click to enlarge:

July 25.

The Clone Wars in All Its... Ew...

The hideous poster for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" has been released. I'm a little late on this one, but... do you really care? The characters look awful and this whole idea is throwing me off the fritz.

August 15.