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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TRAILER - "Hitman"

Trailer for the movie based on the popular "Hitman" video game series has been released. Those interested in this or who are fans have this to look forward to in October. Me? I think it looks...meh...

Theaters, this October.

Indiana Jones 4: First Day of Shooting

A video of the first day of shooting the 4th Indiana Jones installment has been released. It's not very long, but worth the look I suppose.

A New "Kill Bill" Duology?

The storylines for "Kill Bill Vol. 3" and "Vol. 4" have been put together and producer E. Bennett Walsh has given the details on the two movies:

The third film involves the revenge of two killers whose arms and eyes were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first stories.

The fourth iis about a cycle of reprisals and daughters who avenge their mother's deaths.

Tarantino is apparently in talks for the next two films and has spoke about returning to them before. I can see this movie being pretty far down the line considering everything Tarantino and his scatter-brain "wants" to do next though. More as it comes.

"Spider-Man 4" Not for Raimi?

Diretor Sam Raimi of all three Spider-Man films was recently interviewed about his involvment with the future of Spider-Man.

"If I can't find the right story that would work for me and that I could tell really well, I would like someone else to tell that story." Said Raimi. Sony Pictures is going to be making many more 'Spider-Man' pictures. I just don't know what [my] future holds yet. "But if it's a great story and Sony will bring me back to the screen, I would love to." Raimi continued, "I would still hope that Sony would offer it to me [to direct] first. But that is not my place to say; it would be more about if Sony decided not to go with me. If not, it would be really up to them to come to a solution [for me to still be involved as a producer]."

Despite all this Raimi has been brainstomring some villians for the next Spidey. "I would love to see Electro, Vulture, maybe the Sinister Six as a team," Said Raimi. "The Lizard is probably one of my favorite characters. But ['Spider-Man 4'] will probably have to start with the central journey of the main character to arrive at the proper villain."

If Raimi goes, Dunst and Maguire have said they will too. So I suppose if Sony decides this threesome is too expesive, they may go with a different director and cast for the next set of Spidey adventures.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Blade Runner" Final Cut

The movie that redefined sci-fi in 1982 will be getting a thrid cut it seems. "Blade Runner" Final Cut will be the next and, if it stays true to its title, last cut director Ridley Scott makes to his science fiction masterpiece. Rumors of a possible theatrical release are flying as well. Here's the trailer:

The music from "The Fountian" was a nice touch. More on this as it comes.

Toy Story 3 and Incredibles 2 News

Nothing too new on the "Toy Story 3" front, as director Brad Bird, ("Rataouille", "The Incredibles") was asked how "Toy Story 3" was coming along. All he said was that it would be really good, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are returning and 2010 is still the set release date for it.

When asked about a possible "Incredibles" sequel, Bird responded, I do if I can come up with a story that is as good or better than the first one. If I can come up with a "Toy Story 2" with "The Incredibles," then I would do it in a second. I have pieces that I think are good, but I don't have them all together." He then went on about Pixar's philosophy on making films, "We've made one and we're going to make another... We don't make it for any reason other than if it's a movie we want to see and a story we're excited to tell, we will go after it. We don't do it for money. Walt Disney once said that he doesn't make films to make money, he makes money to make films. That's very much Pixar's philosophy. It's why we're in the game."

Yeah. Right. It's always about money Brad, that's all any large industry with power cares about: More money. Anyway, "Toy Story 3" is a sure fire thing on the horizon that promises to live up to a lot of expectations. "The Incredibles 2" may not be too far off either.

"Iron Man" Cast Picture

Below is a picture of the in-character cast of the new "Iron Man" movie. Kind of a corny picture really as they all look a tad constipated. I hope the picture isn't a reflection on the actual movie itself. But from left to right you have Terrance Howard as Jim Rhodes, Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. I have moderate hopes for this movie due to the amazing cast. Lets hope for the best.

Iron Man comes to theaters next summer.

Harrison Ford on Indy 4 Set

Yeah, I'm late witht his one. Here's a picture of Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones garb, sitting before Spielberg yells "action" again, and he starts running from a giant rock or something. I've got to admit, at 62 Harrison Ford still looks the part. I don't think we need an 4th Indiana Jones by any means, but with all these late sequels coming out these days (Rocky, Rambo, Die Hard) I guess Indiana Jones gets more slack since this script has been in production many years before the otheres were thought of. Anyway, here's the greatest adventure character of all time, back again.

Click for larger image. Indiana returns next year.