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Friday, April 25, 2008

Giacchino's "Cloverfield" Theme to be Released

Michael Giacchino, a growing power in the long list of popular film composers, will finally be releasing the much inspired and highly acclaimed "Cloverfield" theme entitled, "Roar!" The man's credits include music for "Mission: Impossible III," "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," the upcoming "Speed Racer," and the hit TV show "Lost."

"Roar!" is a highly inspired monster theme that rolled through the credits of the film and heavily borrows elements from Akira Ifukube's scores for the classic Godzilla films. The film version ran at 9:45, but the full unedited version will run at 12:15.

The theme will be available through I-Tunes April 29. Download it!

Indiana Jones and More Pictures

The long string of Indiana Jones pictures continues to roll out. Take a look at these new high quality images. Click to enlarge:

And I don't normally post behind-the-scenes pictures with regular or production screenshots, but I liked those photo too much not to post:

Pretty cool.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Batman Poster = Holy "Eff!"

By far, the most badass movie poster I've seen this year and maybe last year. Batman stands in an epic "I am a greek god" -esque stance as a burning building with his insignia grilled in the center of it explodes above his head. "A World Without Rules" indeed! I'm floored by the strength of this image and it makes me wish July 18th was tomorrow. Click. To. Enlarge:

I know what my desktop background is for the summer! July 18th, "The Dark Knight."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Can't Get Enough Iron Man

I feel like with all these pictures and trailers out that I can piece together the entire "Iron Man" film right now. This is why I was toying with the idea of not putting these pictures up. But I did. I figured these pictures are out there anyway-- The harm is already done. So here's some very high quality pictures from "Iron Man." Some we've seen before, but not quite of this resolution. Click to enlarge:

In theaters next weekend.

Indiana Jones and the Plethora of Photos

Some great new pictures from the new Indiana Jones are up. Take a look. The sets look amazing and some of these shots of Indy look epic!

May 22nd!

"Midnight Meat Train" Finds New Date

Ryuhei Kitamura's American debut film is facing some release date problems as of late. The May 16th release date was dropped because the studio didn't want to pit the movie up against "Narnia."

Now the film is looking at a theatrical release date of August 1st. Good news I suppose, but apparently the studio is looking at giving it a limited release. It sounds like Lions Gate just doesn't have a lot of confidence in this movie, i.e. it sucks. As much as I want to like it, its been clearer than I want to admit that this movie hasn't been going anywhere good.

Of course, there is that bleak hope that I'm wrong. Who knows. It's not certain that the movie will receive a limited release, but the August 1st date seems pretty solid. We should see the train roll in on that date, limited or not.

Dive in With "Piranha" Remake

Anyone remember this one? Director Joe Dante ("The Howling," "Gremlins,") directed the first one and, drum roll, James Cameron took over the sequel. Both were awful, awful, awful movies, but it falls in line with what my mother always says: "Why do they remake good movies? They just make them worse. If you have to remake something, take a bad movie and make it better."

While I like my mother's logic in theory, I've yet to see it work. It seems remakes of bad movies are somehow worse than their predecessors. But, what's the harm in trying again? (One of these days I'm going to look back on that last sentence and shoot myself for typing it.)

Well, the mean fish are back. French horror movie duo Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur are prepping for the "big" remake and the movie is to be released in 3-D. Aja certainly has a lot of enthusiasm for what I think is a destined to be awful project:

"That was the really exciting reason we jumped on that movie. We were on the set of Piranha 2 and we were like, 'How cool would it be to see that live-action movie in 3-D?' We are thinking at the same time, let's see a real R-rated movie in 3-D with the new technology! So, Piranha is going to be completely in 3-D."

"...We convinced Bob Weinstein to take the Spring Break plot and let us do what we wanted to do with it. There is not one character or one situation that is similar to the Joe Dante or James Cameron [Piranha] movies - it's completely, completely, completely different."

On the topic of the July 24, 2009 release date, Aja added:

"I think it's a good choice and the fact that they're putting it in that spot is also showing they really believe in a blockbuster movie. That's what the script is like. It's a blueprint of a roller coaster. It's about fun, jumps, gore and fish..."

Well. At least the guy has his priorities straight. Expect the 3-D "Piranha" next July. I may have to skip it...

TRAILER - The Spirit (Teaser)

Well the marketing campaign for this movie is a lot more impressive than the one for "The Incredible Hulk." "The Spirit" won't be released until January 2009, but we're already getting a few peaks.

While I think the trailer is pretty cool, it screams too much "Sin City." Frank Miller co-directed "Sin City" and with this being the first time he directs a movie on his own, it looks as if the only thing he learned was to duplicate the look of "Sin City." Perhaps this is too judgmental seeing as the movie won't be released for another eight months, but so far, I'm only mildly impressed with the what I see.

Jan. 2009

Get on the "Lifeboat"

Writers Michel Shane and Anthony Romano ("I, Robot," "Catch Me If You Can") have been summoned to write a World War II story about four chaplains onboard the Dorchester. The Dorchester was sunk by a U-boat in 1943.

The story is said to be inspired by the sacrifice of a rabbi, a Catholic priest, two Protestant ministers and an African-American Coast Guardsman who sacrificed their lifejackets as the Dorchester sunk in below-40 degree waters. (With that said you can probably tell where this movie is heading with its characters.)

War films have been plentiful during every decade of film it seems. Most of them are highly praised, but do they all deserve it? I was thinking about it recently-- It seems some people are afraid of slamming these films. Why? Don't want to be unpatriotic? What about war movies that aren't so kind to our own soldiers? Well, "Platoon" is certainly praised. Maybe these movies really are just that good. Who knows. As always a plot to a war movie could be an amazing spectacle or a giant, catastrophic cliche. Either way, I like Shane and Romano's track record. I have full confidence that the script will be solid.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Spirit!

A poster for the ominous film "The Spirit" has been unleashed. Directed by Frank Miller, the co-director of "Sin City" and creator of "Sin City" and "300," "The Spirit" is actually a creation by comic writer Will Eisner. I wonder why Miller is adapting his own stuff and instead deciding to bring other people's comic works to screen? Interesting. Here's the teaser poster. Pretty classy look to it.

Hulk Smash!

Ah! So the marketing department for "The Incredible Hulk" is finally getting off their couches! Below are two small, unspectacular pictures. Take a look:

Along with this comes the news that Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk from the classic television series) apparently did some voice work for the Hulk in this movie-- His (in)famous Hulk Smash! is rumored to be heard in the film. That sounds... Uneventful really.

Poll Revision

Yup, you may have noticed the poll has been reset with the addition of "Speed Racer." I felt bad for not adding it so... there we go. Re-vote if you wish, or if you have to vote go for it! Sorry about the spastic change.