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Friday, July 20, 2007

Jim Carrey is Scrooge

Robert Zemeckis, the genius behind "Back to the Future", "Cast Away" and "Forrest Gump" will be taking on his own version of "A Christmas Carol" where Jim carrey will be playing the role of Scrooge. It's looking like it may be CGI animated in the same way that his "Polar Express" film was using CG-Motion capture. I've heard the same is being used for his "Beowulf" film this November, so we'll see how that looks this fall.

"Green Hornet" Gets a (Bad) Writer

Not that I know a great deal about the Green Hornet, but I do know this can't be good. It looks as if writer and star of "Knocked Up", Seth Rogan, will be writing the new Green Hornet adaptation.
For some reason, just looking at him and hearing the words "Knocked Up" make this seem like a really bad idea. I'll probably skip this one...

Gavin Hood to Direct "Wolverine"

I found this to be very interesting news. Gavin Hood is a foriegn and short film director. He specializes in African films and culture. I'm not sure how it came down to picking him to direct "Wolverine", the X-Men spinoff film (obviously), but it's certianly interesting. Jackman is quite confident in his abilites and I have no doubt he's a fine director, but the choice seems very odd. Hopfully the director won't be boged down by the mainstream and gets to do what he wants.
Filming starts in November and the film is slated for a 2008 release date. The movie will cover Wolverine's origin and the "Weapon X" concept.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

TRAILER - "Cloverfield/The Parasite/1-18-08"

Old news I know, but it's the trailer that's turning the movie world topsy-turvy. It J.J. Abrams top secret project trailer and it's probably the best kept secret of any Hollywood movie in a very, very long time. The marketing seems to be working as the media attention is huge. Word has it that it's so secret even J.J. Abrams himself cut the trailer. (Normally trailer companies do that.) People are going a little insane over it, but here it is. The...whatever...trailer.

"X-Files 2" Getting Closer

While Terminator took a step back, the X-Files 2 seems to be moving upward. The sequel to the first 1998 film, and the series, has just finished it's script, according to David Duchovny who was asked about it recently when promoting his new Showtime series.

"I'm supposed to see a script next week," Duchovny said, and noted that creator Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz wrote the screenplay. Carter is set to direct the film. Both David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully) have stated they're on board for the new movie.

I'm ok with it as long as Duchovny is in fact in it. I thought the show should've ended a few years before it did, but of course, money was being made. If they come up with a decent and relevant enough of a script it could be quite an end to the franchise. (Or rebirth if they want to continue it with more movies. Maybe?)

Wahlberg and Leguizamo are "Happening"

I have not kept up with M. Night's latest natural disaster project recently. The last time I posted about M. Night's film, "The Happening", he was turned down by ever major studio and asked to do some fixing with his script. Well apparently he got it done and 20th Century Fox has him covered.

Mark Wahlberg is cast as the father of a family on the run from a natural disaster that is a threat to all of mankind. John Leguizamo plays Mark's character's best friend in the film. It certianly sounds more interesting than both "Lady in the Water" and the horrendous "The Village". If M. Night wants to prove his relevance he's going to have to make a film on par with "The 6th Sense", "Unbreakable" and Signs". Good luck. While you're at it M. Night, ditch the "Airbender" movie.

"Terminator 4": Not Coming Soon

Long, boring story short, several months ago we were promised a sequel to the Terminator saga without Arnold in it. Well the shit has hit the fan and it turns out that won't be happening. Apparently the film's producers have sued MGM for some silly reasons. Apparently the negociations for the next movie have not gone very well and the end result is the fact we wont be seeing another new Terminator film anytime soon.
My reaction? Good! "Terminator 3" was not a bad movie, but it wasn't needed either. (I like to pretend it all ended at T2.) We don't need another Terminator movie. It's silly to continue a series that ended so perfectly over a decade ago. Let it go guys.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Matt Bids Bourne Farewell

Looks like star Matt Damon is finished with the Bourne series being quoted saying, "The 'Bourne' thing I'm definitely done with." However, there are two books written about the Bourne character after "The Bourne Ultimatum" ("The Bourne Betrayal" and "The Bourne Legacy".) Damon did hint that the series might continue with a different actor, much like the James Bond series.
I have no problem with Bourne becoming a long running series for a few reasons. First off, I'm sick of trilogies, second off, long running franchises always have been a lot of fun. The James Bond and Godzilla series have been a great deal of fun and that includes the bad films of both series. Go for it. Let it be a fun ride into pure geekdom. We could use another one of those.

New "John Rambo" Pics

Yeah, I know. I've been slacking off again. It's summer, I'm doing other things. Anyway, here's the newest set from the fourth Rambo film.

Looking forward to it, though I'm still not sure what to think of the project. "Rocky Balboa" was fantastic though.