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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Harry Potter Goes Rambo

I could not wait to post this, A) Because my loved one adores Harry Potter and this picture is just too cool and B) Try not to call him a BAMF in this picture. Empire Magazine has released a badass photo of Harry from the next film, sporting a battle worn look, blood trickling down his face and one of his glasses lenses cracked to hell. (Who said people wearing glasses aren't bad asses?) Looks like the big promotion for the film is about to begin. I think we can expect a trailer pretty soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TRAILER - Burn After Reading

Remember when comedies were actually funny? Nor do I. Luckily, there's hope. After the post-modernistic, best picture thriller, "No Country for Old Men," the Coen Brothers have decided to follow up with something not nearly as depressing and that will more than likely not be nominated for best picture. So what? They really have a miss, and they're more inane movies are still great. Case in point is this trailer below. "Burn After Reading" has a stellar cast and enough restricted wit to make me believe the best parts aren't being sold in this trailer. I'm sold!

"Burn After Reading" will be released September 12. See you there. Thank God for the Coen Brothers.

TRAILER - Quantum of Solace (Teaser)

I want to thank "Casino Royale" for sparking interest in the Bond series for me. Though the older movies aren't exactly my cup of tea, I respect the history and several movies within that series-- But I've never loved them. "Casino Royale" ended up being one of my favorite movies of 2006 and since then I've eagerly awaited the sequel. Here we have but a taste of what it will offer. Aside of "The Dark Knight" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," no other trailer has thrilled me as much. "Quantum of Solace" is a go as far as I'm concerned.

November. Let me know if the link goes dead, I replace it.

TRAILER - The Dark Knight (Domino's Pizza Version)

Well snap. I'm just pretty bad at updating during the summer. I'd simply get use to it as I have less to procrastinate about during these times of the year, but I do come bearing some gifts. A new trailer for "The Dark Knight" is up, courtesy of a Domino's Pizza tie-in, and I must say it's very intense. The trailer starts out with a lot of scenes and dialogue we've all seen and heard before, but there's some new tid-bits that tease the soul of the Bat-fan, and those who enjoyed the previous film, without spoiling anything. I've said it before-- I truly think the promotion for this film is among the best of this year's movies. Take a look at this monster:

Two weeks. Hurry up and grab a ticket-- They're apparently selling out faster than expected.