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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Peter Berg Goes to "Dune"

Peter Berg ("The Kingdom") will be directing a big budget adaptation of Frank Herbert's legendary "Dune." It's in the very early stages of development and there is no script as of right now. Berg is currently set to direct "Edwin A. Salt" a spy thriller with Tom Cruise. It sounds like he and his crew are hoping that by the end of tha "Salt's" production the writer's strike will have ceased and they can get working on "Dune."

This is a movie I'd like to see made as there really hasn't been a great version of it yet. David Lynch directed the 1984 version which is often scoffed by fans of the book. The Sci-Fi Channel did, what is often praised, a better adaptation of the book in a three part mini-series. I myself have yet to read the book, but plan to in the not so distant future. I hope Berg does it justice.

8 Minutes of "Charlie Wilson's War"

I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to see this movie in theaters, but I certianly want too. Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman are dynamite in this clip. It's pretty funny at times. I'd highly recommend checking this out:

"Charlie Wilson's War" was released yesterday. It looks very good. For those with money, go see it. I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Why Jackson is NOT Directing "The Hobbit" and Who Is?

Though many found it to be great news that Peter Jackson was on board to have a hand in "The Hobbit" films, it wasn't quite what everyone was expecting. Peter Jackson will be producing "The Hobbit," which is to be split in to two films, but will not be directing. His reasoning for this? Jackson's manager, Ken Kamins, explains:

"Peter won't be directing because he felt the fans have waited long enough for The Hobbit. It will take the better part of every day of the next four years to write, direct and produce two Hobbit films. Given his current obligations to both The Lovely Bones and Tintin, waiting for Peter, Fran, and Phillippa to write, direct and produce The Hobbit would require the fans wait even longer."

So who is up to direct "The Hobbit?" Apparently Sam Raimi's name is still being thrown around, but he's not my first choice. Other names that have been mentioned for "The Hobbit" are Guillermo Del Toro ("Pans Labyrinth," "Hellboy") and Alfonso Cuaron ("Children of Men," "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban").

Both of those last two names sound great for "The Hobbit." If it came down to them my vote would go to Guillermo Del Toro. In the end though, I still wish Jackson would push aside this "Tintin" project and direct "The Hobbit." So what if we'd have to wait longer. Am I the only one who thinks it would be worth it?

New Counter

Just wanted to point out that a new counter has been put on the blog to show how often it gets visited. I through the starting number up at 100 visits, although it might be more....or even less. This thing has been around for nearly a full year-- I'm not sure how many visits it's had by now. Anyway, there's a new addition. Don't everyone jump up and down in excitment at once.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

TRAILER - Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

And it's up. Typical of a summer blockbuster trailer, but I'm still excited:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Hellboy 2 Pictures

New pictures from the new "Hellboy" movie are up. Click to enlarge:

Kind of nice and cheesy all at once. I'm sure the movie will be fine though. Keep a sharp eye for the trailer tomorrow.

Dragonball Casting Overview

Dragonball has a new addition to its cast and I figured, like Star Trek, it was time to line up the major players in the film:

Justin Chatwin as Goku

Chatwin plays the young Saiyan warrior sent from his home planet to destroy Earth as a young child. Although, due to certian events, Goku becomes the Earth's protector. In the film he goes to high school and is trained by his Grandfather Gohan and Master Roshi.

James Marsters as Piccolo

Buffy star James Marsters plays Goku's first arch nemesis and villian in "Dragonball." "King" Piccolo's plan is to rule Earth forever, but Goku stands in his way. Piccolo is a Namekian, from planet Namek and an eventual ally in the Dragonball Z Sagas.

Emmy Rossum as Bulma

Bulma is a gorgeous girl with a horrid temper, but a brilliant mind. Bulma is responsible for many high tech inventions and ends up trailing along with Goku to hunt down the Dragonballs. Emmy Rossum is an amazing talent. I'm surprised she's in it.

Joon Park as Yamcha

Park plays the bandit Yamacha, who quickly becomes an ally to Goku and Bulma. Later, he becomes Bulma's first love interest in the Dragonball Saga. Joon Park is also an antagonist in the upcoming "Speed Racer."

Eriko Tamura as Mai

"Heroes" star Eriko Tamura plays Mai. Although she was a villian in the series it is unclear what her role will be in the film.

Jamie Chung as Chichi

Best known for her modeling, Chung plays Goku's love interest and future wife.

Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi

The last bit of casting rounds out with Chow Yun Fat as the legendary "Turtle-Master" that trains Goku to become a great warrior. I'm rather surprised he's in it really.

That's all for now. Gohan, Goku's Grandfather, has yet to be cast, so expect that to be announced soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The second, and rather fullfilling, trailer for the long awaited Wall-E is now up. As disappointed as I've been with Pixar's last couple of films, this looks like it has promise. Take a look:

Next year.

Jackson Attatched to Produce the Hobbit

It seems Jackson and New Line have finally put aside their differences for "The Hobbit." BBC News just recently announced that Peter Jackson is set to produce not one, but two "Hobbit" films as prequels to "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

I'm a little skeptical right now because no other media news sites are reporting this, but hey, if my little blog is one of the first and it's true... Hazzah for me! If not it doesn't matter because it's a small blog that, according to my poll, roughly 36 people glance at.

Anyway, as of right now Jackson is only set to produce the films, not direct. A director has yet to be attatched to the film and I hope it stays that way long enough for Jackson to realize that he is the only man right for the job. The release of these two films is planned for 2010 to 2011 and both will be shot simultaneously. Cross your fingers for Jackson as the director.

TRAILER - The Dark Knight

A fantastic early trailer of the "Batman Begins" sequel has revealed some exciting scenes to look forward too this summer. The trailer shows a lot of Ledger's Joker and Batman on the new "Batpod." Watch:

Well that's the most exciting thing I've seen in awhile. "The Dark Knight" appears this July.
"Why so serious?"

"Speed Racer" Poster

A teaser poster really. Appealing to they and colorful though. There's not that many pure CG posters out there-- Aside of Pixar flicks. Click to enlarge:

Goku on Set of "Dragonball"

Justin Chatwin, as Goku in "Dragonball," has recently been revealed on the set of the anime-based film. The set is at "Unitech High School," where Goku goes to class. The cars are said to be running on solar cells (perhaps due to Capsule Corp?) and have plates that say "City of the Future." Click to enlarge:

There's certianly nothing Dragonball-esque in these pictures. And I wish they would have left Chatwin's hair alone; the longer hair suited Goku more, but I suppose they wanted to imitate the rooster-look from the series as much as possible. Not too thrilled with what I've seen, but what do I expect from Fox, right? It seems like the design aspect of the film could have been a lot better. They should have just gone for a campy movie and stayed true to the series, but I'll see how Wong delivers this "realistic" version before I condemn it. A trailer would be nice, but I don't expect that until Spring.


For those of you interested in something very cool concerning the next Batman film I'd click play on the video below. Hurry though, no telling how long this will be around:

If that doesn't work try copying this link in to your url:

If that doesn't work... Well, your loss...