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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cillian Murphy Returns in "The Dark Knight" Set Footage!

Superherohype has rabbed this bit of info and visuals that Cillian Murphy, the Scarecrow in "Batman Begins", will be returning in the sequel, "The Dark Knight". He is footage taken from a distance of Murphy talking to two gang members and then running to cover with one group when gun shots are fired. Not much happens here, it's mostly talking and there's no sound. However, this is basiclly a long shot of footage from a movie over a year away. Take what you can get I guess. Here it is:

"The Dark Knight" returns July 2008.

Mach 5 Spotted at a Roadshow

I know it's been revealed already, but this kickass Mach 5 has been at a roadshow recently and man does it look great!

No change from the original 70s TV at all! Eat that Transformers. This design is just proof the original Transformers designs would've been fine. This car looks killer! Absolutly kickass! It's perfect and my excitement for this movie has gone way up. Here's to hoping all the campy gadgets this car has is kept in the movie as well. "Speed Racer" races to theaters summer 2008.
Damn that thing is perfect!

Glimpse of the New Hulk Poster

I would've changed the font a lot more in order to estabish the sense that this is not a sequel to Ang Lee's movie.
The basic remake will be directed by Louis Lererrier ("The Transporter") and star Edward Norton as Eric Banner with Liv Tyler as Betty Ross.
We were promised a major redesign and better CGI this time around...uh...can anyone tell a difference with that teaser? More when it comes. June 2008, in theaters.

Batman Models Reveal More Design Additions

A toy show revealed the extent of Batman's suit redesign for "The Dark Knight". Both he and his 'Batpod' were shown in model forms:

Frankly I like the real shot of the Batsuit better. The toy strays a bit too far into "Batman & Robin" realm for my liking. But I'm sure it'll look okay on film.I don't like how attention is drawn to the pecks...again! It's not nipples atleast, but what happened? Did Bruce run out of black spray paint? He can't afford more?

Along with those is another picture of the Batpod being shown at a roadshow of some sort. Here you go:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forster on the Next James Bond

The sequel of the surprise, monster hit, "Casino Royale", will be directed by a very, very respectable talent. Marc Forster, the director of "Finding Neverland" and "Stranger Than Fiction" will be doing the 22nd James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig.
Forster, on the new film, was quoted saying: "I have always been drawn to different kinds of stories and I have also always been a Bond fan, so it is very exciting to take on this challenge. The new direction that the Bond character has taken offers a director a host of new possibilities and I look forward to working with Daniel Craig, Barbara Broccoli, and Michael Wilson, as well as the team at Sony and MGM on this new film."
The movie is set for a November 8, 2007 release.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Dark Knight Gets a New Ride

More pictures have been revealed for the "Batman Begins" sequel. Looks like Batman will get the Batcycle for the first time in the live action films. The Batcycle is titled the, "Batpod", for some reason. (What's wrong with the word "Cycle"?) Take a gander:

Furthermore, some sneak took cell phone pictures of the Dark Knight and his buldge. Here you go:

I've got to say, of all the movies coming out in the next two years, this is the one I'm most excited for. July of next year!

"Diablo" to Raise Hell

Because there's not enough bad movies based on video games these days, Legendary Pictures has added the future project "Diablo" to their resume. The game is about a character who is sent into the Kingdom of Khanduras to rid of Tristram the Lord of Terror. On the way you have to blast through his many demon minions.
Well I don't know about you but that sounds like an Academy Award Winner-- If not a Sundance Winner! Didn't we do this in "Doom"?
Legendary Pictures is also working on a "World of Warcraft" movie and pulling for the "Superman Returns" sequel.

Weisz Teams with Jackson for "Bones"

Rachel Weisz will team up with "Lord of the Rings" director, Peter Jackson, to do "The Lovely Bones". The movie is based on a book by Alice Sebold about a 14-year-old girl who gets raped and killed, then watches her friends and family from heaven. As she watches them go on about their daily lives, she slowly comes to terms with her own death.
No idea who Weisz is playing, but the story sounds very interesting. It's new ground for Jackson so it will be interesting to see if he can pull this one off. No filming or release date as of yet, more news when it comes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

TRAILER - I Am Legend

Many people are going to see this as a "28 Days Later" rip-off, but seeing as this is based on a book that was written decades before "28 Days Later" and is also the book every zombie film bases itself off of, this movie can be credited for going back to the very basics. A virus or something wipes out mankind and Robert Nevelle is the last man on Earth. I know very little about the plot admittedly and I can't even find the title to the book, but the teaser looks good and if it's better than "28 Days Later" it's already an improvment.

Opens December 14.

TRAILER - Vantage Point

An all-star cast and lots of explosions. Okay, so it doesn't look "oscar amazing", but in respect to the trailer itself it looks amazing. I get the vibe it won't be a great movie, but I could be wrong. It looks like a great deal of fun, I love the cast (Quaid, Fox, Weaver, Hurt) and it looks too intense to pass up.

Originally it was slated for release this year, but the date has been pushed back to Feb. 15, 2008. So we'll have to wait a little longer for this ride.

TRAILER - American Gangster

This looks like Ridley Scott's best film since "Gladiator" atleast it has the potential to be. This film looks amazing!

November 2nd of this year! I'm hoping for another Ridley Scott masterpiece here! Please deliver Scott!

Soundtrack for Potter 5.

Yes. I still make Harry Potter updates for a loved one. In any case the full track listing for the 5th Harry Potter film has been released and you can listen to clips of the tracks here:
(As usual, copy and paste the link.)
I've listened to a little bit of it and it's okay. Not enough of the Hedwig Theme for me. I wish Williams would return for these, the first three scores really nailed it.

Godzilla Returns! In 3-D!

Looks like Kerner Research and Development, who are former members under ILM, is beginning pre-production on Yoshimitsu Banno's "Godzilla 3-D". (Banno directed the controversial "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" in 1971. It's been argued as one of the very best and worst of the Godzilla series among fans. I vote for the "best" though.) Filming will start in Feburary of 2008 in New Mexico, Tokyo, Las Vegas and L.A. Hollywood 3D director Keith Melton is on board as well.
No word yet on when it will be released, but more news as it comes.
I don't know how I personally feel about this... I think Godzilla needs a longer rest actually. Furthermore, I've read over the basic story for Banno's film and I'm not sure I like it. When the storyline calls Godzilla, "Queen of the Jungle" you've got to tilt your head a bit. But maybe that's been corrected! Godzilla in 2008.

New Transformers Poster

Ferby-mus Prime strikes!

It's only one month away from sucking! Gear Up!

Batman Revealed for "The Dark Knight"!

Batman's new suit has been revealed for the new film a long with magazine explainations for the modifications made.

I really like it. Admittedly it looks rather armor-esque, but it's not absurd like in "Batman & Robin". I'm really excited his head can finally turn and it looks like it fits really close to the body for maximum movement. I like it. The futuristic armor thing is really working out here.

Furthermore there are new pictures of Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel Dawes) on set. Already I like Maggie better than Mrs. Cruise.

July, 2008.

Good Morning! I'm back!

After leaving this place with a lot of long reviews I took a rather long hiatus I know. The truth is I created this blog to keep my own sanity during the college study times and summer has been all too good to me. Well, with that said, I've been in to movies a lot lately and felt it was time I returned. I don't think the news-bytes will be as many and as in depth, but I think it's about time I continue this romp of movie orgies and my opinion which, as usual, is far superior than yours, the reader.
So whether you like me or not, I'm back..."bitches".