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Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Lost" Not All Will Be Answered - Movie Continuation?

Now I may just be blowing up a lot of smoke-- In fact, I know I'm blowing up a lot of smoke. This isn't something to blow out of proportion, but I can see it on the horizon.

This news begins with "Lost" producer Carlton Cuse's words about the series finale:

"Sometimes not knowing the whole story is more interesting and more fulfilling than knowing."

Cuse has stated we shouldn't expect every question answered by the series end. And while there is certainly some weight to Cuse's explanation of not knowing the whole story, (For example, I think we'd all be a lot happier if we didn't get the rather contrived Star Wars prequels-- What we discovered in the original trilogy was enough.)his explanation also feels like an excuse of some poor writing.

I suppose I'm finally accepting the fact that the writers had no idea where some of these plot lines were going and have no logical explanation for them. While it doesn't make me like the show any less, it does bring a lot of disappointment. The idea of only building up anticipation with no payoff was a very poor way to gain audiences and keep them tuned in.

But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. The final season has yet to air and it may turn out that the smaller questions aren't of much worth anyway. So what does this have to do with film and blowing up smoke?

Cuse also noted that season six is the end of the current Lost series as we know it, but somewhere down the line it may be utilized elsewhere. Reality check anyone? "Lost" is an enormous franchise, and very successful to boot. Although the final season will end the story of the characters we all know and love, why do I have a feeling "The Eyeland" could be visited again? And if it is, what form of media would it be? Comic book? TV spin-off? A movie? Ah! A movie! The idea of a "Lost" movie has been brought up numerous times, but, of course, nothing has come from it. Could Disney milk the franchise in to a big screen film? It certainly has that potential...

But, as of right now, I hope its left alone. And again, I'm just speculating. But it is interesting that there's been so many hints of a future beyond the series and so few of us thought about it. Disappointing in some ways, but... Well... Lets see how it all ends and then decide if a follow-up could be decent. No?

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Trek" Cover and Releases

Well it looks like the streak of bad cover art continues with all sorts of studios. And, per usual, the single disc DVD art looks far better than the two-disc DVD/Bluray art.

The one thing I do like about the bluray art is that it kind of fits in with the individual cases of the recent six-disc bluray box set. So for those who like the character's faces plastered on the front of each film-- I guess this isn't too terrible.

Otherwise, I recommend getting the Best Buy exclusive set with the Starfleet badges and domestic poster cover art.

Single Disc DVD:

3 Disc Bluray (same as 2 Disc DVD):

3 Disc Bluray Best Buy Edition:

Good thing I know the movie rocks. If I were to judge it by only the cover I probably wouldn't pick it up.

October 27th.

Terminator Salvation Has a (Late) Release Date

As confirmed before, there will be a director's cut exclusive to bluray, but don't get to excited. The cut is only three minutes longer, hardly enough to really change the bulk of the movie.

And even though this was one of the first films of the summer, it will be one of the last released this fall. December 1st for those who were fans of the film.