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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poll Results 1 - What Was Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster Film This Year?

Well the poll results are in. The whopping 10 of you that glance at my blog long enough to vote have given a surprising answer. Here's the results:

"Live Free or Die Hard" - 5 Votes - 45%
"Transformers" - 3 Votes - 27%
"Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix" - 2 Votes - 18%
"The Bourne Ultimatum" - 1 Vote - 9%
"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" - 0 Votes - 0%
"Spider-Man 3" - 0 Votes - 0%
"The Simpsons" - 0 Votes - 0%
"28 Weeks Later" - 0 Votes - 0%
"Ocean's 13" - 0 Votes - 0%

So "Live Free or Die Hard" is the winner. A new poll will be up very shortly.

Friday, November 9, 2007

And More Trek Casting

I'm surprised at all the characters that are being thrown in to this, if just for the sake of cannon. A few new actresses have been added to the flock, including a rather confusing male choice for a character I'm surprised to hear about.
First up is Winona Ryder playing Amanda Grayson, the HUMAN mother of Spock. I stress human mother because according to canon...she is. Spock is part human, part vulcan. Lots of fans have been going insane because many sources have been calling Amanda the "vulcan mother of Spock." I'm pretty sure this is just an error on the sources' part. Why? Because I think the writers are going for something very canon strict-- And the next character is just that. Canon strict.

The girl in this photo is Jennifer Morrison. She will be playing Carol Marcus. "But GMAN, who is Carol Marcus?" Marcus was (or I guess...becomes) a leading scientist for the Federation. More importantly, she gave birth to Kirk's son. The couple seperated due to Marcus believing their lives were to dissimilar to continue a relationship. As far as I know the character was only seen in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." (My favorite of the Trek flicks.) In any case, her inclusion should be interesting.

This last one is confusing, surprising and...I don't know. Anyway, Chris Hemsworth will be playing a young George Samuel Kirk Sr. (I'm guessing for a flashback? The guy is young.) We'll see where they're going with that.

"But what about Chekhov? He wasn't on the Enterprise until later...blah...blah..." Well, Khan remembered him in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" even though he wasn't in the show. Perhaps he was on the Enterprise during that time? More later. I like what's been coming at me about this.

Wahlberg to be Max Payne

Looks like Mark Wahlberg will be playing Max Payne in the movie based off a video game with the same title. The strikes me as curious. Fox is behind this, and Max Payne doesn't strike me as a very popular video game. Wouldn't there be more money in a Halo movie? Or more importantly, the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film? How about some peddle to the metal on that project?
Anyway, no word on when production starts or when we should expect this film-- Especially with the writer's strike going on. There's no word on whether or not the script has been written.
"Max Payne" is about a cop who lost his family in a, drum roll, tragic event and now he roams the streets fighting crime, solving mysteries and making sure that he breaks every rule while doing it. Take it for what it's worth.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Captain Christopher Pike of the Starship Enterprise

Well, I guess that confirms that Captain Pike is in the new Star Trek film. Bruce Greenwood ("I, Robot" "Hollywood Homicide") will be playing the first captain of the Enterprise in J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek flick.
Little by little, more is being revealed for the movie arriving in theaters next November.

TRAILER - Rightous Kill

The day after I find out about the movie, an (R-Rated) Promo of "Rightous Kill" is released to the internet. Take a look:

The promo sure does make it look interesting. I love the Nine Inch Nails music in the background-- Good choice. We'll see how this pans out. Theaters, 2008.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

De Niro and Pacino Make a "Rightous Kill"

Have yet to hear about this one, but it caught my eye. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are reuniting for Jon Avent's ("Fried Green Tomatoes") "Rightous Kill." The film follows two detectives who hunt down a vigilante in New York City. Vague and unoriginal sounding, especially for these two actors, but altogether an attention grabber.
Here's a picture of the actors as they appear in the new film:

Does Pacino look kind of odd in that picture to anyone? Well, we'll see this one next year.

Mexico Will See Saiyans

Though there have been previous reports of the live action Dragonball Z film beginning principal photography in Montreal this November, apparently a huge chunk of it will be filmed in Mexico.
85% of the film will be filmed there between January through March. Makes sense. Most of the show's fights take place in rocky, barren areas. There should be plenty of that in Mexico. Not sure when this movie is suppose to be hitting theaters, but they seem to be rushing it.

Save The Dead Zone

I don't normally use the blog to post things about television, but this is a different case. And hell, it's my blog I can do what I want with it.
Anyway, one of my favorite shows faces cancellation. Not a surprise seeing as this season saw very poor ratings and the fate of it's sisters show, "The 4400," is said to be looking rather grim.
Honestly, I'm surprised it's lasted this long. I always said the show should have ended after season 3 A) Because it built up so much for a grand finale and B) I was afraid the quality wouldn't last and that the series might be cancelled if it kept going. A cancellation would hurt a lot of fans due to the fact that the story arc has yet to be resolved.
I hope for just one more season of the Dead Zone. Asking for any more would be unrealistic. And frankly, I don't want any more than one, final season. The show has run it's course and it's time to bid it farwell. But I, and its fans, should say goodbye in the right way.
Right now there's a petition going on at the Dead Zone forum to save the show. It may not be enough, but I'm spreading the word anyway-- Until I can find out more I can do. The link to the forum is below. Just sign up. Log in. Go to that thread and type "Save the Dead Zone" with your name and what country you live in.
Save the Dead Zone. It deserves a chance to finish its story off the right way.

Another thing that may help are letters. Send emails saying you want "The Dead Zone" on television. You can send emails here:

And if you're not aware of this show, pick up the first season for cheap and give it a go. Before "Lost," this show was pretty much the best thing on television. Great characters. Epic story. Strong writing and acting-- It deserves a proper end. Save The Dead Zone.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hot Fuzz - 3 Disc Edition

"Here come the Fuzz!" One of the year's best films, and one of the best comedies in years, is finally getting the DVD release it deserves. November 27 will see the release of this complete set of action-spoof masterpiece. Specs:

Disc One
• Commentary with Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright
• Commentary with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall, Kevin Eldon & Olivia Colman
• Commentary with Kenneth Cranham, Timothy Dalton, Paul Freeman & Edward Woodward
• Commentary with The Real Fuzz - Any Leafe & Nick Eckland
• Commentary with Edgar Wright & Guest
• Outtakes
• Storyboards
• Fuzz-O-Meter (Trivia Track)
• Inadmissible: Deleted Scenes
• Fuzz-O-Meter
• Danny's Notebook
• Hot Funk
• Theatrical Trailer
• UK TV Spot 1
• UK TV Spot 2
• Director's Cut Trailer

Disc Two
• We Made Hot Fuzz
• Art Department
• Friends & Family
• Cranks, Cranes & Controlled Chaos
• Here Come the Fuzz
• Return to Sandford
• Edgar & Simon's Flip Chart
• Simon Muggs
• Sergeant Fisher's Perfect Sunday
• Plot Holes
• Special Effects: Before & After
• Video Blogs
• Poster Gallery
• Photo Gallery
• AM Blam: Making 'Dead Right'
• Dead Right (1993)
• Edgar Wright Director's Commentary on Dead Right
• Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Commentary on Dead Right

Disc Three
• The Extended Fuzzball Rally
• Video Blogs

Looks like what we should have gottent to begin with! I'll wait on this copy!

And More Chick Flicks...

I don't normally post up news like this, but there's so little indie news available with so much buzz surrounding Hollywood and the writer's strike. Plus I found this funny.
Renee Zellweger is set to play the same role she always plays in what looks to be another chick-flick. (Cause, like slasher flicks, there's not enough of these.) The film, with the ever so funny title of "Chilled in Miami," is set to begin filming this January. It is written by C. Jay Cox, who is best known for his work on "Sweet Home Alabama."
Appealing, cliche title. Well known actress. A "cute" love interest involved (Harry Connick Jr.)-- Dumbass highschool and college girls will eat this shit up with spoon.

TRAILER - "Iron Man" (Again!)

Another Iron Man trailer has surfaced. It's no more interesting than the last one, but worth a look. There's some new footage in the trailer, but most of it is not of the Iron Man suit itself.

Sorry I couldn't embed it this time. Guess you're going to have to actually copy and paste the link to see it. That's rough.