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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

VNRs - Mass Communications Assign.

For those of you who visit regularly, you don't HAVE to read this. I'm
doing it for a class that required me to create a blog. Lucky for me,
I already have one. It's interesting stuff though.
The ethics of VNR (Video New Release) is created by a PR firm. The
firm releases this video to many different news corporations in
support of whatever business, government, politician...etc... This
means the same video may be shown on different news channels with
their own logo slapped on it. Why would they just take news like that?
Hey! It's free news! Why NOT is the better question. One of the many
controversies about this is if it is ethical. To be ever so brief, I'm
going to throw a yes out there. PR firms created this to be given out
for free, thus there should not be any problem. But is it a form of
propaganda? Some think so, but how many people will catch on? Or is
disguising VNRs as regular news part of the danger? Maybe. I don't
like going overboard with conspiracies, but I won't say it's not
propaganda. But as far as, "Is it right for the news to take VNRs?"
Again, free news. I have to admit, these VNRs are a lot more
interesting than some of the lackluster stories that the 10:00 news
tries to make "important".
Cheers to Mass Comm!

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