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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goku on Set of "Dragonball"

Justin Chatwin, as Goku in "Dragonball," has recently been revealed on the set of the anime-based film. The set is at "Unitech High School," where Goku goes to class. The cars are said to be running on solar cells (perhaps due to Capsule Corp?) and have plates that say "City of the Future." Click to enlarge:

There's certianly nothing Dragonball-esque in these pictures. And I wish they would have left Chatwin's hair alone; the longer hair suited Goku more, but I suppose they wanted to imitate the rooster-look from the series as much as possible. Not too thrilled with what I've seen, but what do I expect from Fox, right? It seems like the design aspect of the film could have been a lot better. They should have just gone for a campy movie and stayed true to the series, but I'll see how Wong delivers this "realistic" version before I condemn it. A trailer would be nice, but I don't expect that until Spring.

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