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Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Line is Now One with Warner Brothers

Time Warner has announced that New Line Cinema will end its 40 year life-span, as history's most well-known independent film studio, and be merged with Warner Brothers. New Line will act as a "unit" of Warner Brothers, and while it will still focus on its own film productions, marketing, etc... its films will be closely "enhanced" by Warner Brother's financial standing.

This integration is not unlike when Paramount absorbed Dreamworks. Dreamworks seems to be doing okay, but, as far as creative efforts are concerned, there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. (My feelings toward that are a little biased because Spielberg's company and I love the guy.) New Line, however, is a different story. Yes they released the amazing "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but other than that they haven't done too well. What was one of their higher grossing movies of 2007? "Rush Hour 3?" Not something to be proud of. Add that to their rather shady history with Peter Jackson and the recent, and rather surprising, hiccup with the Tolkien Estate and... well... I just don't think real highly of New Line Cinema.

Frankly I think, and hope, that Warner Brothers can help turn New Line around. Just pay off whatever debts they might have, take care of any personal qualms and give them the money to make movies. Good luck to all those who are working, or did work, at New Line.

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