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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dragonball Gets Delayed - April 2009

Sorry it's been a little while. It's been a rough week for me and I just haven't had the chance or desire to work on the blog much, but I've got a little bit of news. First up, "Dragonball." While many fans are moaning that the movie got pushed back by nine months, I'm actually okay with it.

It sounds to me like shooting isn't going as quickly as planned. Production for "Dragonball" began in December and Fox expected filming to be done by March 15th. This meant post-production had to be done by mid to late July in order for pre-screenings and prints to be shipped out. "Dragonball" is an effects heavy film, the time this movie had to finish post-production was not reasonable. So at least we know the effects will be polished.

Granted, some think that the new release date gives the movie too much time, and they're probably right. But at least it gives the movie plenty of time to get proper exposure. As of now, no one knows this movie is coming out. The fanbase knows, but that's it. There has been no teaser trailer, no official pictures... Nothing. Fox needs to give "Dragonball" enough time to settle in the minds of audiences, and the new release date gives them that time. The previous August 15th release date simply felt like it was sprung at last minute-- Which it was.

The new amount of time this movie has actually gives me a little more faith in it. "Dragonball" will be released April 3, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

On the contrary, it makes me think the production moved the release into a season with virtually no competition since they know very well how much this movie will suck in comparision to ones out in August, which actually is something already very much obvious to the bystanders and the boycotting fans worldwide.