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Monday, April 21, 2008

Get on the "Lifeboat"

Writers Michel Shane and Anthony Romano ("I, Robot," "Catch Me If You Can") have been summoned to write a World War II story about four chaplains onboard the Dorchester. The Dorchester was sunk by a U-boat in 1943.

The story is said to be inspired by the sacrifice of a rabbi, a Catholic priest, two Protestant ministers and an African-American Coast Guardsman who sacrificed their lifejackets as the Dorchester sunk in below-40 degree waters. (With that said you can probably tell where this movie is heading with its characters.)

War films have been plentiful during every decade of film it seems. Most of them are highly praised, but do they all deserve it? I was thinking about it recently-- It seems some people are afraid of slamming these films. Why? Don't want to be unpatriotic? What about war movies that aren't so kind to our own soldiers? Well, "Platoon" is certainly praised. Maybe these movies really are just that good. Who knows. As always a plot to a war movie could be an amazing spectacle or a giant, catastrophic cliche. Either way, I like Shane and Romano's track record. I have full confidence that the script will be solid.

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Anonymous said...

This story has been written in several books, two churchs have been built in honor of the Chaplains and they've received, posthumously, numerous awards of valor. This is one truly amazing story.
The article in Variety has Shane and his partners as producers and Michael Justiz and Steven Sikes as the writers.