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Friday, July 11, 2008

Favreau Back for "Iron Man 2"

Well, it's official. Marvel has reached a deal with Jon Favreau, director of "Iron Man," to do a sequel. It seems both parties are satisfied with the deal and Favreau got the raise he was looking for from Marvel Studios. "Iron Man 2" is scheduled for an April, 2010 release.

Previously, Favreau reported that he's worried the production will be rushed and wants to take more time to strengthen the script. He has his paycheck, will marvel give him more time? I'm sure we'll be hearing more on the production of "Iron Man 2" in the not too distant future.


Justin said...

[spoiler] they hinted at a Iron Man/ Hulk crossover at the end of the Hulk movie... which make me belive they are getting to the point of doing a massive marvel movie. there are several films that mention Stark Ind. so yeah there is alot they are hashing over i'm sure... said...

Yes!!!! Favreau did a excellent job directing Iron Man. I was completely blown away from begining to end. I hope he takes Iron man 2 to a new level!!!!