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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TRAILER - The Dark Knight (Domino's Pizza Version)

Well snap. I'm just pretty bad at updating during the summer. I'd simply get use to it as I have less to procrastinate about during these times of the year, but I do come bearing some gifts. A new trailer for "The Dark Knight" is up, courtesy of a Domino's Pizza tie-in, and I must say it's very intense. The trailer starts out with a lot of scenes and dialogue we've all seen and heard before, but there's some new tid-bits that tease the soul of the Bat-fan, and those who enjoyed the previous film, without spoiling anything. I've said it before-- I truly think the promotion for this film is among the best of this year's movies. Take a look at this monster:

Two weeks. Hurry up and grab a ticket-- They're apparently selling out faster than expected.

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