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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poll - How Did You Like The Watchmen?

While I thoroughly enjoyed "Watchmen," I couldn't quite call it the "Citizen Kane of superhero flicks" it had been hyped to be. I couldn't figure out why, exactly, it was a little muddled and I even stumble over that explanation in my own review. Simply put, I suppose, Zack Snyder could make the material look great, but he couldn't juggle it perfectly. This is either because the source material is too dense or Snyder simply not that "visionary director" some claim he is. (He's not.)

It appears that, according to the poll, some people seem to share my sentiments:

Masterpiece - 2 (22%)

Good movie, Not Great - 5 (55%)

Average - 2 (22%)

Terrible Film - 0 (0%)

As Far Away From The Novel And Good Filmmaking Can Get! - 0 (0%)

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