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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW - Zombieland

Walking out of Zombieland was like receiving a Christmas gift you didn’t ask for, but enjoy anyway. “Why didn’t this movie fail?” Has been a constant question I’ve asked myself. After all, Zombieland is just a road trip movie that looks like it was written for Michael Cera in a genre so putrid that Shawn of the Dead is its greatest advocate. But I digress. Reason? If I didn’t respect Woody Harrelson beforehand, I do now.

In Zombieland Jesse Eisenberg puts on his best “I am Michael Cera” moves, a tactic I should criticize him for until the end of time. But I have to admit, I enjoyed his take on a nutless, teen recluse a lot more than Juno’s love interest. Speaking of love interests, if you are a male with any genitalia you should write a letter to Emma Stone asking her to look exactly as she does in this movie for all her future projects. In a movie with Woody Harrelson shooting zombies on a roller coaster I won’t ask for Oscar winning performances, but if a female lead is a must, Stone’s bad girl look is required. All aboard for Wichita.

Wichi-who? Wichita. That’s right. Every character calls themselves by their home town or destination-- A fittingly amusing move for characters that become very close. While Eisenberg’s Columbus and Wichita are fitting names in an oddly plain way, Harrelson steals the name Tallahassee. Yep, he’s as bombastic as his title suggests—A blistering mobile for lines like “Nut up or shut up!” and my new favorite derogatory: “Spitf--k.”

Even though the character chemistry is strong and the laughs run deeper than the many spoilers in the previews, the movie doesn’t really get good until the team reaches Bill Murray’s mansion. (You heard me.) From there the movie spirals into the absurdity you expect of a zombie comedy. Harrelson’s badass shows a soft side, Stone’s playgirl softens to our favorite nerd and Eisenberg learns to do something Cera never has: “Nut up.”

In a predictable turn of events that leads Columbus and Tallahassee on a rescue mission in a theme park, Zombieland delivers the goods in guns, guts and glory. Thank God this movie was rated R. I can’t imagine it skeeting over its 98% chance of failure otherwise. I truly applaud Zombieland for what it has overcome. Despite it’s revealing trailers and exhausted plot devices the film soars as one of the most entertaining flicks this year. Furthermore, I want more adventures with these characters. Bad idea? Maybe, but imagine what Zombieland would be like with some fresh ideas. To director Ruben Fleischer, I want more. Time to nut up and get crackin’ on that sequel.

*** out of ****

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