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Monday, January 29, 2007

"Casino Royale" Sequel is a Go!

Daniel Craig will indeed be returning as James Bond in the next film, but like "Casino Royale", don't expect this to be your standard Bond film. Writers Robert Wade and Neal Purvis have said that Bond still has some growing to do and we shouldn't expect to see the characters "Q" or "Monneypenny" just yet in this new reinvention of the series.

"With the way 'Casino Royale' ends, you know there’s still unfinished business for Bond." Wade tells "The Trade", "He may say, 'The name's Bond, James Bond,' but there's still a lot of stuff churning up inside him. So, if you're going to explore that, and we’ve got this great actor to do that with, what you don’t want to do is suddenly clamp it down with all these familiar elements that keep your focus off him. He's the great asset."

Purvis also noted that between the two characters, Q and Moneypenny, Moneypenny would be easier to add. Q was the man responsible for all of Bond's insane gadgets and technology. He continued, "Q presents more problems. People have all got gadgets now. Other films have lots of gadgets as well…The idea of Q coming back, for the moment, it's just not a high priority."

I think this is a good move to keep the movies very character oriented. "Casino Royale" has transformed the Bond franchise into a character story instead of an episodic adventure with similar storylines. Its best to keep the focus on Bond instead of the technology, gadgets and action.
Rumors are circulating that Vesper's boyfriend from the first film may be the villian in the next Bond movie and it is confirmed that Giancarlo Giannini will return as Rene Mathis. It looks like that these next Bond movies, unlike all the others, will be directly connected with each other giving us a strong sense of continuity and character development. This is what the Bond franchise needs to be and "Casino Royale" was the perfect send-off in this direction.

The next Bond movie will begin filming at the start of next year and is shooting for a November 2008 release date.

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