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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Warner Bros. Wants a Live Action "Justice League"?

Yeah...sounds like packing way too much in to one movie and not having the writers to do it. Right now Warner Bros. has Kiernan and Michele Mulroney writing a script for the film, but wont reveal who will be in it. It's unlikely unknown characters will star in this film, but with the "Batman" and "Superman" franchise relaunched how will those characters figure in?
Will this be an alternate timeline or will it somehow tie together the two worlds of "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns"? Hopfully it'll be the former. Combining the two franchises as they are now would be stupid. It just doesn't work.
Regardless of how they want to do this film in relation to other superhero flicks, another question remains: Do you get Christian Bale to play Batman and Brandon Routh to play Superman? For this, I say yes. Even if this movie does take place in a different timeline from the other movies, right now audiences know them as Batman and Superman-- It would be great having them continue the roles that, more or less, made them pretty big.
In any case, it looks like this movie is either very far off or will end up in production hell for awhile. But then again WB must be slightly serious about it seeing as they have two writers on it already...we'll see.

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