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Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Zohen" is Not To Be Messed With

Adam Sandler will be starring in another of-the-wall comedy titled "You Don't Mess With Zohen." The project is directed by "Happy Gilmore" director Dennis Dugan. While this combination sounds promising, Dugan hasn't done so well since then. Remember "Chuck & Larry," "National Security" and "Benchwarmers?" Confident about this movie now?
To add to that, the writers of "Knocked Up" and SNL are the ones responsible for this story about an Israel Agent who moves to New York to satisfy his dream of becoming a hair stylist. Wow. Sounds groundbreaking.
It's a shame because Sandler has come up with some pretty good stuff in the recent years and I hate to see him dip this low....again.
The director of "Benchwarmers" and the writer of "Knocked Up?" I will pass!
The picture above is a still from the movie. Click it to enlarge.... If you want to that is...

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