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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Peter Jackson? Hobbit? 3D?

Put this in your rumor wallet, but as of right now word is going around that Peter Jackson will be directing, not one, but two "Hobbit" films set to be released post-2010 and in 3D as well.

Now I understand the 3D craze is beginning and with the growth of digital projection systems more and more 3D movies are likely. "Beowulf" has only scratched the surface. We also know that Jackson is very much in love with the 3D concept and plans to do a trilogy with Spielberg in 3D. ("Tintin")

However, why is it necessary to bring the Hobbit to us in 3D? Furthermore, why is it necessary to split it up in to two movies? And post-2010? This sounds pretty bogus to me.Add to that Jackson is still in a legal battle with New Line, Sam Raimi was being considered to direct "The Hobbit" and the original release date New Line was committed to was 2009.

I know I don't normally pass along rumors on my blog, but this was pretty interesting. Now to await official word from New Lin and/or Jackson himself.

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