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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fantastic Four Three?

The humanity, right? Well, hold on. Apparently there were plans for it, but the writer's strike has put things on hold indefinitely.

"I have no idea."said star Jessica Alba, "I know the writers strike and the impending actors strike has kind of put a wrench in everything production wise. That film takes a lot of prep, a good six months of prep and about six months to shoot. With the strike, I think, maybe it's put on hold."

She also answered to how she felt about her character becoming a mother in the next film:

"Little Franklin? Yeah, I think that would be hilarious. He's so powerful, I think that would be a really interesting dynamic a mother-child dynamic. She's still a superhero but she's super-protective and he's wild, he can do anything and has no sense of what's appropriate, that would be really fun."

It would be really stupid. The Marvel movies have had its share of bad movies and I consider the "Fantastic Four" to be some of the worst of the lot. I hope the writer's strike discourages Fox from a third film. And "Little Franklin." Dear God...

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