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Friday, January 4, 2008

"The Host" Prequel

"The Host" was one of those really weird surprises of the year. I went in believing it would just be a dumb, but fun monster flick. What I found was a substance heavy film with funny moments, political commentary and a riveting end. It was huge in Korea, so, like all movies that are huge, a sequel was soon in talks.

Ah, but this is no sequel. The next story that has to do with the host monster will be a prequel. The story, written by Kang Full, will show an excavation at the Cheonggye Stream. There, several monsters will be found. I don't really get why this has to be a sequel and what this has to do with the events in the first film, but there you go. I'm not liking the excavation or the multiple monsters thing-- What made "The Host" so good was not the focus on the monster, but rather the family searching for their loved one trapped in the monster's layer. This sounds like too much focus will be pinned on the monster-- Focus that is unnecessary. We don't need to know background on the monster, that's what made it so mysterious to begin with!


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