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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Routh Still Supes? The Speculation Continues

Well, now this is just getting ridiculous. Conflicting "moles" are saying that WB still has Routh in place for the future of Superman. The confusion surrounding this issue is absurd. WB needs to come out and address it soon seeing as the most inconsistant reports are flying around faster than the Man of Steel himself.

So we have Brandon Routh, the star of "Superman Returns." One report says he will be booted from future Superman projects and whoever plays Superman in "Justice League" will take over the solo Superman franchise from there. This may also mean a possible reboot and have no connection with "Superman Returns." But that's mostly speculation as well-- Though likely.

Another report says WB still wants Routh as Superman, confirming that the Superman in "Justice League" and the Superman in "Superman Returns" exist in two totally different worlds and storylines. Thus, "Superman Returns" may get its sequel and continue the storyline of its characters.

Confused yet? Just to throw another bone out there, it doesn't seem likely Brian Singer will return to direct the Superman sequel, even if Routh is still on board, because he's gearing up for another movie. So who would direct?

This is all in the air and totally ridiculous. Lets just hope Warner Brothers comes out and says something soon.

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