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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stallone Kills Rambo

"Rambo" looked like it was going to be the beginning of a new host of films centering around the character. Recently Producer Harvey Weinstein started talking about possibilities of a sequel and before that Sylvester Stallone was talking about taking the character in to different territory:

"...I think a challenge would be to take the character which has been perceived mostly in a realistic vein and add another element of the surreal that would actually take the audience into a slightly different genre. It’s not like I’m going to turn it into a full on Broadway musical starring the Muppets, but it is ambitious.”

Stallone's idea got a lot of the fandom stirring and interested. What could Rambo do next? But before we know it Stallone throws this quote out:

“This is the last Rambo just as Rocky Balboa is the last Rocky. I can’t go any further. It was a miracle that it even got done.”

Stallone has two projects he'll be directing soon; a remake of "Death Wish" and "Poe." I'm wondering if he just wanted to get those underway or if something recently occured to prompt this decision. Either way I'm not too affected. "Rambo," was 'meh' at best and I can't see Stallone taking the character any further despite his first quote above. So it looks like farwell to Rambo for good.

(Until there's a remake... ugh..)

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