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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yates Could Exit Potter?

Though this isn't confirmed I thought it was worth throwing out there. David Yates, director of fifth and sixth Harry Potter movies, might be preparing for the final one. It was planned that he originally would be moving on to direct an adaptation of "The Giver," but Lois Lowry has posted the following on her blog:

"Bad news from The Giver Movie front. David Yates, the director currently working on the next Harry Potter film, was supposed to begin The Giver film next. But he has just decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years. Maybe the opening of this film could be held simultaneously with my celebration-of-life service after I succumb to old age? Or the producers will decide to get a different director. Stand by. But without holding your breath."

As much as I like Yates and the fifth Harry Potter flick, this series has become well known for switching up directors in order to keep things fresh. I have no problem with him directing it, but if Alfonso Cuaron, or even Guillermo del Toro, are free, go for it.

I suppose what it will come down to is how good the sixth film is. If Yates impresses me again, let him have the final Harry Potter film! (Although a "Giver" film does sound interesting.)

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