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Friday, July 25, 2008

Darren Aronofsky Takes On "RoboCop"

Well this blows my mind. After two movies about fighters...or wrestlers... (Take your pick) Aronofsky's next feature film will be "RoboCop." For the indie-film illiterate, Aronofsky is responsible for some of the most thought provoking and powerful films of the last 15 years. "Requiem for a Dream" is often considered his ultimate masterpiece and "Pi" is an amazing follow up. The man is also responsible for my all-time favorite film, "The Fountain;" an underrated work of art that transcends accepted filmmaking and moves into a spiritual and emotional world that no other movie would dare go.

Now that I'm done praising the man, I must say I am stoked for the next "RoboCop" installment. What I initially thought was a bad idea now seems like the second coming. Aronofsky could potentially do for "RoboCop" what Christopher Nolan did for Batman. The film is being written by David Self (Road to Perdition) and is said to take place 20 years after the RoboCop program has been dropped. Obviously someone wants to pick it back up.

So if the rumor is true, this new flick is a sequel to the original three films. (Yes, including the hideous third movie.) Part of me wishes they would just reboot the saga and start fresh. Regardless of my feelings on that, Aronofsky at the helm is nothing short of a great thing.

RoboCop returns, 2010.

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