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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Tron" Returns

Comic Con is underway and I get to be a mopping little nerd and stay on the other side of the country from it. The first bit of news I've got is some that will interest some friends of mine and baffles me. It'll interest my buddies because, well, they're fans of the original movie. It baffles me because, well, unlike them I thought the original flick was pile of crap.

That said, the title rings true. The long awaited sequel to "Tron" has had footage unveiled at this year's Comic Con, and guess who's back? A bearded Jeff Bridges supposedly reprising his role as Kevin Flynn.

According to the teaser the film is titled "Tr2n." Before Disney sprung this surprise on Comic Con goers rumors of a second "Tron" movie were already floating around with a 2011 release date. That sounds like a long way away, but considering that the movie hasn't even started filming I would guess that this teaser was filmed simply to announce that its coming and nothing more. I would also guess the title will be changed after it makes it further in to production. In addition, the movie will be featured in digital 3D.

Beyond this very little is known. I'm wondering if this really is a sequel and Jeff Bridges is playing the same character, OR if it's a remake and Jeff Bridges is simply playing some other character. Either way I think this material is kind of beneath him. I will say this much: It'll be interesting to see the visual difference between this and the 1982 cult movie.

With no official date I'm saying 2010 at the earliest, 2011 at the latest.

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