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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Ghost Rider 2?" Oh no...

With movies like these continuously being announced you would think it was some sort of sign of the apocalypse. However, we're still here. So I shudder to think of how much worse a movie will have to be than "Ghost Rider" and "30 Days of Night" to alert us of our doom.

Perhaps it will be the sequel to "Ghost Rider?" Nicolas Cage recently announced that "Ghost Rider 2" was in the works and heading toward Euorpe! (Oh yes! 'Cause different locations mean something radically different from the last one.)

The man compared Johnny Blaze's new story to "The DaVinci Code." (Did anyone keep they're eyes from rolling at that one? Just checking!) Johnny will be connected with the church in some way and have to connect with various religions in the next movie. No word on any villains or anything, but it sounds he's pretty serious about the project.

I find the concept of the Ghost Rider interesting, even if I think "HellBoy" has done it better. But Nic Cage seems to be only interested in doing half-assed action flicks and if the sequel is going to be anything like the first movie, it's a lost cause.

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