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Monday, September 8, 2008

Run, Jason! Run!

Aaron Yoo, co-star of the upcoming "Friday the 13th" disaster, updated the world with a fascinating quote that should convince the world this movie will be much different from the previous Jason flicks. [/sarcasm]

"I think the biggest difference is that Jason is fast, and he's realistic," he began. "It's not the kind of horror movie where stalk slowly, run fast and somebody catches up, there's none of the teleportation thing (from past movies)...the basic storyline idea of Jason is the same, and he's got this 2 and a half foot machete."

Well the story is the same [as the last 30 films] and he's got a, drum roll, two and a half foot machete! Well that's good! The one and a half foot machete was getting really old.

What's funny about this bit of news is that it actually has some Jason fans arguing that Jason has ran after his victims in the past. So naturally they have to moan about that. If I were them I'd bitch about a Jason movie that doesn't suck.

The picture above is a still from the film. "Friday the 13th" will arrive in theaters February, 2009. Guess which day?

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