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Monday, October 27, 2008

"Ninja Scroll" Goes to Live Action

Warner Brothers has picked up the rights for a "Ninja Scroll" movie based on one of anime's finest films of the same name. Alex Tse ("Watchmen") is set to pin the script for the film.

The original "Ninja Scroll" was released in 1993 and follows a lone swordsman, Jubei, who inadvertently walks in to a secret war against demons and sorcery that ties in with his past and locks him in with his destiny. The animation was quite brilliant and the characters were rich with excellent dialogue and development. It's also one of the most violent movies I've ever seen and it borderlines NC-17 in the States with its graphic sex and violence.

My concern comes with how Tse intends to pursue the film. Will it be Americanized to fit with our own culture? Or will it reflect the samurai days as depicted in the anime film? What actors will be called on for such a project? Will it adhere to the must-have R rating? (Lets face it... NC-17 isn't marketable.)

It will be a difficult film to pull off properly. It's in the best hands it could possibly be with Warner Brothers-- But can any studio truly do "Ninja Scroll" justice? Too early to say, but until then I look forward to seeing more on its development.

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