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Friday, November 14, 2008

TRAILER - Watchman (Trailer 2)

The next, highly anticipated, trailer to "Watchmen" has finally been released. It's been unveiled to mixed opinions, but most seem blown away by it-- Particularly the fans of the graphic novel who feel the characters have been kept close to their roots.

I wasn't blown away with it at first, but then again the initial trailer took awhile to grow on me as well. The new trailer gives off a different vibe and I think that's the point. A song from Muse triumphs throughout the trailer and it imposes an awkwardly sad and hopeless atmosphere on the characters. (Which is, in the end, the impression we're suppose to get.) Pretty cool, but I'm cautiously enthusiastic. I doubt it will be the "Citizen Kane" of superhero films as some have proclaimed it, but it should make for an engaging character study.

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