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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Marvel in a Finacial Rut?

I only ask because there's a few factors involved behind this assumption.

- Jon Favreau: It seems the director of "Iron Man" is attached to direct the sequel now, but that wasn't always the case. Some just thought Favreau was unsure he wanted to do a sequel. Others felt Marvel wanted to go in a different direction. The fact is there were some payment issues from Marvel to Mr. Favreau that I don't think anyone will fully understand.

- Terrance Howard, who played Rhodey, was dropped for Don Cheadle. Though some attribute this to Howard's unpredictable personal life, rumors have been circling that Marvel wasn't willing to cough up the dough for him. Although it makes me wonder: Would Cheadle really be that much cheaper than Howard?

- Samuel L. Jackson announced recently that he may not be playing the roll of Nick Fury in future Marvel installments. He was quoted saying, "There seems to be an economic crisis in the Marvel Comics world so [they're saying to me], ‘We’re not making that deal.’" Economic crisis?

- Finally, the latest in the rumor mill, Marvel offered Mickey Rourke $250,000 to play Crimson Dynamo in "Iron Man 2." I'll throw that by you again: $250,000.

What? I mean, I would do terrible, evil things for $250,000, but for a Hollywood actor who's probably getting an Oscar nomination [for "The Wrestler"] tomorrow? That's chump-change.

Marvel has been as cheap as they can be with this. I wonder if they really are stingy, or if there's some sort of financial fiasco that's keeping them from awarding their A-list cast/crew.

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