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Sunday, January 18, 2009

TRAILER - "Earth"

For those of you who have seen the incredible "Planet Earth" series, rejoice. "Earth," the spin-off movie of the series will be released this April 22nd. Earth day, appropriately.

The movie utilizes the footage from "Planet Earth" and basically creates "Planet Earth: The Movie." So for those who don't think they can sit through an entire season of a nature series, or are interested in seeing the original series, but don't fully understand how incredible it is, this movie is something for you. "Earth," like its television, counterpart promises to deliver high definition visuals of our planet like we've never seen before. Showing it in ways and scopes that were once thought impossible.

The trailer certainly evokes the beauty of the project. Put to the beautiful music from Sigur Ros and showcasing incredible shots of the planet with Patrick Stewart's voiceover, this trailer is an editor's and cinematographer's wet dream. This is the experience of our planet like it's never been seen.

It is unclear whether or not Patrick Stewart or James Earl Jones will narrate the film. Recent releases of the trailer have been dubbed over with Jones' voice, so it's very probable the North American release will include him. Europe received it with Patrick Stewart's narration and Asia with Ken Watanabe's.

"Earth" hits theaters April 22nd.

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