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Monday, July 27, 2009

Poll - What is Your Favorite Harry Potter Flick?

I was rather surprised with the results of this one. I had money on "Prisoner of Azkaban," but instead "Order of the Phoenix" came out on top. I'm also surprised no one voted for the sixth film as it's received some praise. "Order of the Phoenix" is my favorite as well, but I've had some differing opinions on the franchise in comparison to others. So I suppose it's nice seeing the 5th movie held high out...err... nine people. Guess I shouldn't feel to victorious, eh?

Here's the results:

The Sorcerer's Stone - 0 Votes (0%)

The Chamber of Secrets - 0 Votes (0%)

The Prisoner of Azkaban - 3 Votes (33%)

The Goblet of Fire - 2 Votes (22%)

The Order of the Phoenix - Votes 4 (44%)

The Half-Blood Prince - 0 Votes (0%)

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