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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harry Potter and the Extended Editions

Don't jump up and down too high. While there will in fact be extended editions of the Harry Potter films released soon (presumably on DVD, but a special theatrical release isn't out of the question) the fact is there really aren't that many deleted scenes to insert per movie.

Although I would love to see a "Lord of the Rings Extended Edition" length Harry Potter series, it's not exactly going to be that big of a cut. Simply a handful of scenes, or extended scenes, will likely be littered throughout the series and passed off as longer versions.

So, I ask the Potter fans, is it worth the extra dough? The answer depends on what type of fan you are I suppose. The "extended" cut I'm most interested in is the fifth film, (my favorite entry) although I feel heavy additions to the sixth film could enhance it greatly. Perhaps there's more to these extended cuts than we think? Wait and see.

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