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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Selene's Return?

For a franchise I thought was dead it sure is making a quick comeback. Not only is there news of a new Underworld movie, but of a new trilogy planned complete with the 3D gimmick.

Okay. Big deal. 3D. Do I care if Kate Beckinsale isn't in it? Nope. Good thing the plan is to bring her back then, eh? In what is arguably her most famous role (Selene), Kate Beckinsale is rumored to return to the franchise in what would undoubtedly be a sequel to the action packed "Underworld Evolution." No, it's not confirmed yet, but if the folks at Lakeshore Entertainment are serious about extending the franchise, it's time to bring back the player that made it the semi-cult brand it is.

Years ago, after "Evolution's" release, Beckinsale declared she wouldn't dawn the vampire teeth and tight leather to play Selene again. If Sean Connery has taught us anything, it's never say never. Money talks and Beckinsale's schedule doesn't exactly look like it's full of dazzling projects.

My take? The "Underworld" franchise is something that took me awhile to warm up to. At first I was put off by it, but looking back at the original two films I've found it easy to enjoy the light entertainment supplied by standout characters and over-the-top action. Lets not bash it for what it's not. They're fun films with a sleek, sexy style and they work. Besides, there aren't too many good vampire flicks out there-- For what it's worth I'll take Beckinsale's Selene over the nauseating players in "Twilight," or "30 Days of Night" any day.

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