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Sunday, August 23, 2009

TRAILER - Avatar

For years we've waited. James Cameron claimed he wanted to put this "epic" project on the back burner until technology had become advanced enough to make it work. Fans, geeks and Cameron supporters have bit their nails eagerly to see the touted revolutionary special effects-- And finally. We get a teaser trailer.

Now, I saw this trailer several days ago, but I wanted to see it on the big screen before I put it on here and blogged about it. Frankly, even after seeing it on one of my city's larger screens, I don't get it. Sure it looks, fun, colorful and enjoyable. I'm glad Cameron is back and I hope he doesn't over a decade to make his next movie. But as far as "Avatar" goes... What's the big deal? The effects don't look any more revolutionary than "District 9's" aliens and the rest looks reminiscent, if not identical to effects extravaganzas of recent: "The Matrix Revolutions," "Harry Potter" and "Transformers," all come to mind as comparable and, dare I say, influential.

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun. It is, after all, a teaser trailer and James Cameron certianly wouldn't spill all the goods in a teaser... Right? Right...?

December 18.

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