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Sunday, August 23, 2009

TRAILER - The Fourth Kind

What works: "The Fourth Kind" looks like its that very special kind of horror. There's no man chasing down underdeveloped teenage whores. There's not a psycho behind a current getting off to all the the inane "jigsaw" traps his victims fall in. All the horror is staged within the minds of the characters. Because of this, the trailer only shows the horrific reactions to these memories and why what you don't see is far scarier than what you do see.

What doesn't work: Though the trailer claims to use achieved footage from a real life investigation I've found next to zilch on the subject-- That doesn't mean the footage isn't real, but I'm wondering if this "based on true accounts" stuff is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Or perhaps the lack of information is simply part of the horror? You decide. For me, "The Fourth Kind" trailer is far scarier than any feature I've seen in the last half decade.

Theaters, March 2010.

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