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Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Sunshine" Trailer - Boyle's Next Film

Fox's next sci-fi thriller from their "Fox Searchlight" branch is releasing another film by Danny Boyle. While I didn't like "28 Days Later" (like most people) and thought that film should've taken a very different direction, I understand the talent he has. "Trainspotting" is pretty good from what I understand. Anyway, his next movie takes place 50 years in the future and our sun is failing us. A team of astronauts are sent to rejuvinate our star, but fail. Seven years later another team is sent and we begin to see things go wrong and their sanity begins to slip. Willing to give Boyle another chance to get it right this time I was blown away by the trailer that was just recently released. It looks awesome!

"Sunshine" comes out this spring and yes, Cillian Murphy is in it. Didn't like him in "28 Days Later", but he proved himself to be a much better actor in "Batman Begins" and "Red Eye". I'm set! It looks really cool.

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