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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TRAILER - Machine Girl

I want to thank my friend Dan for bringing this to my attention. The cult film aspect that is, for some reason, staying alive in North American theaters despite poor box office, strikes us again. This time the ultra gory "Machine Girl" is giving us a stab in to action. Take a look at this ridiculous trailer. And laugh. It's ok.

No word on an American release yet, but it may get one-- Even if it isn't a wide release, or theatrical release in general, a high profile DVD release is likely. "Versus," proved to be one of the very first, most popular Japanese action/gore/cult flicks to take the DVD market by storm. And ever since "Kill Bill," stylized, cult-esque movies have become more popular in the American market. ("Grindhouse," "Shoot'Em Up") We'll have to wait and see which market "Machine Girl" takes on in America.

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