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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


DISCLAIMER: "This is GMAN. I just want to apologize to all of those who like my blog for it's slightly cleaner attributes, but all that is about to change. My roommate has, uh, "graciously" decided to write some articles on the blog and as a result things may get a bit wild.

If you like my blog because it isn't quite the insane animal house others are and you put up with my slightly bad grammar for it, keep coming! I'll be writing more than anyone. But if you don't think you can stand the most unobjectional crap with even worse grammar than before-- Well... Just read the articles I write. Otherwise, enjoy the coming of Brilliantly Dumb Jock. I know I won't."

GMAN sucks. Yes I know most of you disagree. But I don’t. He really really sucks. Well mostly just his movie taste. And his fashion sense. Oh and his choice of books. I am currently sitting next to him on the bus to Kentucky as he reads his Harry Potter novel. Generally what I am trying to establish here is why he has brought me, Brilliantly Dumb Jock, distinguished movie reviewer extraordinaire, onto his enormous staff and immediately made me second in command on this blog.

Moving on from that though, GMAN has graciously allowed me to make occasional contributions to this blog. What began as a funny joke between my roommates about how ridiculous it would be to have me write for GMAN’s site has now become a reality. Little did they realize that I would actually take them up on the offer. The irony here is the large difference in taste that me and GMAN actually have. GMAN likes the serious, deep side of the movies and I am perfectly satisfied with a pothead, some dumb jokes and lots of tits. Thus GMAN brought me in to open up my brilliant mind to the world. I will review whatever the hell I like but it will probably center on stupid and crazy movies of my choice. It will probably also include lots of reviews that take a much different view on a movie that GMAN has reviewed.

One other aspect of these entries is going to be an advice/question section. You can ask about anything, but the main theme is going to be movies. I will however give advice on any subject. Bring on the questions!! I will also take movie review requests. Before you judge me for being a crude, girl-obsessed, partying jock who is now reviewing movies on GMAN’s super-cool blog, just know that I can be very serious about all of this and can debate the merits of movies with anyone. Period. Now prepare for your current bland and serious movie viewing life to be shaken to its very core by a crazy jock.


yourewishingineverpostedthis said...

oh my gosh you the BDJ is soooo hotttt!!! and sexy!! I want him sooo baaaddd!!! GMAN you have GOT to hook me up!

Rob said...

Dear BDJ,
I'm in an argument with my friend Paul. Maybe you can help us settle it - which is the better movie series: Star Wars or Spiderman?