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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well it seems that somehow and for some reason someone actually decided to ask me a question. Shocking, I know. Believe me when I say that I am almost the last person that believed that would happen. To be honest I’m not completely sure whether this is a real question or if it just GMAN trying to keep me from feeling bad but I am going to answer it anyway.

“Which movie series is better, Spiderman or Starwars?” This is the question that was posed to me. To me the answer is quite obvious. I vote Starwars. Every since I watched A New Hope on a Halloween night a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I have been completely awed by all that is Starwars. Yes, I know that the dialog is kinda crappy and the new movies leave a lot to be desired but the series as a whole is the single most dominating movie series of all time!! There is a clear and simple reason for this though, and that is the elements of Starwars. George Lucas wrote a timeless masterpiece that really sums up human existence. Inner and external power struggles, love, lost relatives, good guys, bad guys, aliens, really cool gadgets, and a lust for the future are what make up this amazing set of movies. Essentially, everyone can relate to these movies whether they were born in the 60’s or the 00’s. They are iconic.

Spiderman will never be able to attain the icon status that Starwars did. Starwars was so far ahead of its time that it still looks amazing. Yes, Spiderman has many of those elements that Starwars had but lets be honest, its really just not as fun and it doesn’t have Harrison Ford. So in answer to the question, I think that the Starwars series is the coolest, most fun, and greatest movie series of all time. Keep the questions coming, remember I can cover whatever topic. Bitch.


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