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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting "Goosebumps?"

I truthfully can not say I saw this coming. Columbia Pictures are in talks with Larry Karaszewski ("Man on the Moon," "1408") and Scott Alexander to write the screenplay for a big screen adaptation of the R.L. Stine book series turned 90's kids television program, "Goosebumps." Neil Moritz will be producing.

Interesting move. Moritz has said his plan is to hire well known, young actors for the role, but does this mean he's planning on a full series with these same actors? The "Goosebumps" series are mostly standalone stories-- They're "The Twilight Zone" for the younger minded and only a few books got actual sequels if I recall correctly. Will Karaszewski and Alexander go "The Twilight Zone Movie" route and select a few stories to tell separately? Or will the entire movie be it's own original storyline and simply use the "Goosebumps" title as a draw?

I read several when I was much younger and enjoyed them then, but I can't recall if they're the type of material that could/should be adapted to film, or if the writers should just take the movie down their own creative path. I want to say the former because using the series "in-name-only" feels wrong. If it's "Goosebumps" it should be based on "Goosebumps," should it not?

The writers should seal their deal within a week.

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