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Monday, August 18, 2008

Voltron: Defending a Universe Near You

I remember last summer when the "Cloverfield" trailer debuted and people thought one of the things that the fleeing pedestrians yelled was, "It's a lion, it's huge!" This of course meant that it was a Voltron movie and nothing but a Voltron movie because how could anyone mishear what the pedestrians were saying? Surely no one thought the man was yelling, "It's alive, it's huge!" That would just be silly.
Well, January arrived and there was no Voltron in sight. Shame, no?

It did get me thinking though, after "Transformers" a Voltron movie couldn't be too far behind. Could it? My suspicions are confirmed. 20th Century Fox, in conjunction with Relativity Media, is setting up a moderate budget, big-screen adaptation of the anime series, "Voltron: Defender of the Universe." A story where five pilots control giant, robotic lions that form into the powerful Voltron in order to defend Earth from the evil King Zarkon. (Damn, 80s cartoons rock, no?)

The script is written by Justin Marks who has won praise over other scripts that are currently in production, such as "Supermax" the prison breakout, Green Arrow project, and an upcoming Street Fighter flick.

No word on when we can expect Voltron. It's said to be done in a cost-effective "300"-esque style. I can see a 2010 release not being out of the question.

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