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Monday, August 18, 2008

Poll Results - Of The "Distant" Solo-Hero, Marvel Movies in the Works, Which Are You Most Excited For?

Though "Iron Man" was no match for "The Dark Knight," it seems the majority of the people who visit this blog (which is not many) would rather have him over any other Marvel character. The prospect of an "Iron Man 2" gets people more excited than any other Marvel flick, including "Spider-Man." Has the web-slinging hero been dethroned as the Marvel favorite?

"Iron Man 2" - 13 Votes - 56%

"Hulk 2" - 0 Votes - 0%

"Spider-Man 4/5" - 3 Votes - 13%

"Venom" - 2 Votes - 8%

"Thor" - 1 Vote - 4%

"Captain America" - 2 Votes - 8%

"Ant Man" - 2 Votes - 8%

I find it funny that "Ant Man" is getting more love than the poor Hulk. I also find it curious that "Venom" was voted over a "Hulk" sequel. Really? Venom? The Spider-Man sequels came in a not-so-victorious second and the others just pale in comparison to the love for Iron Man. Don't worry, the time is coming. An "Iron Man 2" will be in theaters faster than you think.

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